A thesis statement is a crucial segment that a student has to go through when he is pursuing higher studies and proposes to write a research paper. Persuasion skills are the most sought-after art that students required at all levels of education. It is because they have to persuade their teachers and examiners to accept the views and ideas that they propose to write about in the form of a thesis. 


In universities, students are often asked to make a convincing case in thesis writing to elaborate their views in a persuasive way. This form of writing is called a successful thesis statement which follows a predictable pattern in writing. You give a brief introduction at the start of the paper which states your view on the topic directly and mostly in a single sentence. This statement serves as the gist of the whole paper that you attend during your thesis writing. 

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 Importance of the thesis statement: 

  • It explains to the reader how you comprehend the importance of the content that is under discussion
  • It serves as a road map for the thesis which conveys the idea of what is to expect from the following text
  • It offers a direct answer to the question that is elaborated in the entire thesis step by step process
  • It makes the claim about the proposed answers that other contradicts
  • It is usually placed at the beginning of the paper that presents the arguments to the reader and the rest is the data that proves the arguments in a persuasive way

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 Process of drafting a well-organized thesis paper: 

 First of all, one should come up with a preliminary paper that is sometimes called a working thesis early in the writing method. When you have come up with the original ideas then move on to formulate them. A transparent thesis will provide the essay direction and structure that give it a linear format in a sensible way.  

 Begin with a query:  

 Come up with a question about which you are going to write. Sometimes you already have a question included in the college assignments that you have no need to come up with your own.  

They come in different varieties such as argumentative essays, expository essays, and literary analysis essays. Each one includes a certain process and terminology that relates to the main objectives accordingly.   

 Write open-ended beginning answers: 

 After making some early research, start drafting the open-ended and tentative answers to the questions that make way for further development. In this initial stage, it should be simple and trace the research process.  

The different thesis includes different sides and positions on the research process. 

 Build up the answer: 

  In the end, you have to consider why you should answer and how you will satisfy the reader to agree with you. 

 Your answer should be more detailed and clear without redundancy. 

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