SHT2 Stiffy Push Pull Safety Hand tool


The SHT3 model is same as our SHT2 with a tapped end in place of the d-handle. Stiffy Safety Push Pull Hand Safety Tool provides a buffer zone of safety where personnel can guide, maneuver and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points.Versitile V-Shaped tool hand to push against flat, cornered and round surfaces

· Tool head has a rubber lining to prevent slippage
· Opposing V-hooks on the tool head designed to snag taglines
· Enhanced with carbon fibre sleeve on the neck to reinforce tool head
· Engineered ” Glove sized” hand stop with gussets. Highly ergonomic and slip resistant grip
· Weighs as low as 1.75oz per foot
· Load Testing : Static pull 400 lbs. Compression 600 lbs.

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