Stories about How People Found Jesus

Stories about How People Found Jesus
Stories about How People Found Jesus

There are so many people in the world today who have met Jesus in different ways. Some through forgiveness, others through miracles, and some more through healing. Some give their testimonies to spread the gospel and encourage other people to follow Jesus. In this article, we will share some of their stories.

A Muslim lawyer tells a story on how he met Jesus in prison

According to his story, another Muslim man had abandoned his religion and decided to follow Jesus. This happened in Sudan. As a result, the man thrown into prison. So, one day members of the Islam religion sent the man giving the story to prison to try and convince him to come back to Islam. They sent him because he was a lawyer and good with words.

The prisoner asked him whether he had read the Bible before when he got there. He said no, and the prisoner handed him a Bible and asked him to read. He did that out of curiosity. As he read more and more, he realized that Jesus is real. He went back to prison to inform the prisoner of what he had discovered about Jesus.

They talked for a while, and the lawyer was fully convinced to follow Jesus

So, he announced that he had changed. He was thrown to jail, but after the struggle was over, he left Sudan to be free to worship Jesus. He says that meeting Jesus was the best thing to ever happen in his life.

Another story is about a gentleman who had seen many miracles in his life. At nine years old, he lost his sense of speech because had steppe on an electric cable and got shocked. Later on, he involv in an accident where he was the only survivor. He later fled from Iraq to the USA but had no money. He was at the brink of losing hope when he met a lady who linked him to some church-going gentleman.

They invited him to the Sunday service, and he obliged

In church, they all prayed for him, asking Jesus to save and change his life. He says it was the first time he saw people asking Jesus to save him. Later on, he changed and started following Jesus.

The final story is about a student who was suffering from asthma. One day while in school, he got a sudden asthma attack. His inhaler was not near him, so it was pretty dangerous. Before he could give up, he remembered that Jesus could heal. So, he went down on his knees and asked Jesus that if he could help him breathe well for that one moment only, then he would be faithful to Him forever.

He felt better and has never again gotten an asthma attack. He now serves Jesus.

At “I was one way” TV show, we are opined to bring stories like these to uplift your soul. Testimonies can move mountains, and we dedicate to helping you come out of that situation you see is impossible to get out of. 

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