Soldiers beat the MSF driver and threatened to kill him, the aid group said at the time.
The military claimed it was targeting combatants.
Unless appropriate measures are put in place the situation will only worsen for children in the decades to come.
Each time a disaster strikes, frontline communities are less prepared and more vulnerable.
Since Cyclone Kenneth struck their town in 2019, the family have struggled to recover.
This is why Save the Children is now urging governments to acknowledge the disproportionate impact this crisis is having on children in frontline communities.
Low rainfall coupled with deforestation and widespread monoculture (the growing of single crops) is contributing to an increasingly precarious situation. They are then passing these on to their parents and the wider community in the village.
The party had been dominant in the federal government for decades but refused to join a new coalition led by Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy following his ascent to power in 2018.
It is unclear how many Eritrean soldiers took part in the conflict though witnesses have estimated well in the thousands.
They have been accused of looting, killing and raping civilians.
Without urgent action tens of thousands of people could starve to death.
Respect the medical doctors.