Suggestions for inns in Ilha do Mel: Encantadas


On the island, there are two fundamental towns that focus the choices for motels on Ilha do Mel, which are: Encantadas and Nova Brasília .

Following the quality of the spot, the facilities in Ilha do Mel are extremely basic and rural, so you shouldn’t anticipate anything sumptuous there.

Assuming you decide to remain in the town of Encantadas, realize that it is exceptionally near the Gruta das Encantadas and the ocean side that bears a similar name.

In bonito Ms, you are near the Conchas Lighthouse and the Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres Fortress. The quantity of motels around here is additionally higher, as well as the design of bars and eateries. Significant | It is obligatory to have an inn previously reserved while purchasing your boat ticket, as the chaperon will get some information about your convenience. If not, you should return that very day.

Ideas for hotels in Ilha do Mel: Encantadas
Malie Chalets – $$$ | assuming that you are searching for something more modern, this is the ideal convenience. With provincial chalets and rich beautifications, it is a 5-minute stroll from Gruta das Encantadas. Actually look at values .

Ulu Kainoa Inn – $$$ | arranged on Praia das Encantadas, it is encircled by the magnificence of nature. This motel has a magnificent environment and every one of the conditions are exceptionally beguiling. Actually take a look at values .

Pousada Marimar – $$ | favored area confronting the ocean side and 600 meters from the Gruta das Encantadas, it has exceptionally comfortable and prepared rooms, breakfast and an individually eatery. Really take a look at values .

Pousada Estrela do Mar – $$ | likewise with a fantastic perspective near the ocean and a morning meal with new things, it has rooms with a more current feel and a magnificent café. Actually take a look at values .

Ideas for hotels in Ilha do Mel: Nova Brasília
Pousada Treze Luas – $$$ | with choices going from the least complex to the most modern rooms, it is encircled by plant life and is a 1-minute stroll from the ocean side. Actually take a look at values .

Inn Pousada Praia do Farol – $$$ | considered the best hotel on Ilha do Mel, it is situated on the seafront of Praia do Farol. With incredibly open rooms and exemplary provincial enhancement of the district, it is completely coordinated with nature. Really look at values .

Pousada Favo De Mel – $$ | with incredible incentive for cash, it is one of the most sought after motels on Ilha do Mel. It has an environment of unadulterated nature, agreeable rooms and an astounding breakfast. Actually take a look at values .

Pousada Enseada das Conchas – $$ | with an incredible espresso, it is extremely near a few cafés and the ocean side. The assistance of the proprietors of the hotel is another differential, unadulterated amicability. Really look at values .

Boat crossing to Ilha do Mel | in Pontal do Sul, you should go to the wharf where the boats leave and purchase your tickets. The boats pull out each half hour, from 8 am to 7 pm or 8 pm (Fridays and Saturdays). The union is around 4 km long and requires thirty minutes. For extra data, see the power site .

Survey that expecting you have a vehicle, you should leave it in a confidential vehicle pass on prior to piling up.

Paranaguá is nearer to the capital Curitiba, around 90 km away. By and by, the locale is further away from Ilha do Mel, and the intermingling turns out to be longer. See the vehicle, transport and boat choices:

Leaving Curitiba by transport | it’s 1h40 of improvement time, and tickets can be bought a lot early .

Driving from Curitiba | you should follow past what many would consider conceivable along the BR-277. It is for the most part 1:20 am. Boat crossing to Ilha do Mel | when you are in the city of Paranaguá, simply go to the takeoff terminal. Not a tiny smidgen like Pontal do Sul, there are just on numerous occasions consistently, and the intersection point takes around 1h45. See more subtleties on the power site . For individuals who are driving, it is in this way fundamental to search for a leaving design to leave your vehicle. Despite what locale you will pile up, you should pick which of the towns – Encantadas or Nova Brasília – you will land in while purchasing your boat ticket, as the lines are isolated. A couple of district coordinate different exercises nearby the visit to the flood: there are trails, spas, boat rides, kayaking, stand-up paddle… the quick framework is long.