Tai Chi Walking- What are The Advantages?



Physical and spiritual practices are prevalent and practised worldwide. Exercise and all such practices are meant to make our body healthy and active. As we know Yoga- it promotes a balanced state of body and mind to get a good life. Also the world yoga day creates harmony among the world. Any kind of exercise promotes the healthy body mechanism and long-term regularity promotes cellular health as well. Here in this article, we will discuss one such practice name as Tai chi waking.

Tai Chi walking


Tai Chi walking is a disciplined series of physical exercises and associated stretches. Tai chi walking is a form associated with the integration of Principles. These disciplines have been practised in China for centuries. Tai Chi is associated with physical and spiritual practice. The prime focus is to improve the mind and body comprehensively. Tai chi walking is loaded with a broad mixture of meditation procedures and exercises. Regular exercises as per the principles of Tai chi walking aids the body balance among old age people and promotes overall strength in individuals of every age group. While doing this procedure continuity is maintained and no pause is taken. This is to ensure that the body should be in continuous/constant motion. In Tai chi walking the body weight is transferred from one foot to another gently. The walking is focused on smooth movements. The deliberate weight shifting promotes people to use all their muscles while walking. This stimulates the life force around the body.


  1. Beneficial for good cardiac health as it promotes cardiac tone and promotes vascularity.
  2. Promote muscle strength and body tone.
  3. Promote longevity
  4. Aids flexibility and promotes muscle tone.
  5. Improve balance and aids the health of nervous system
  6. Promote posture control.
  7. Improve walking function.
  8. Improve cardiovascular fitness.


The basic procedure or the first step of Tai chi walking is Warm-up. Start with Easy motions like shoulder circles, head turning from side to side, or rocking back and forth. These steps help the person to loosen or reduce the muscle stiffness. Next step is to focus on breath and body. In continuation, the person will do the basic tai chi moves. These moves or forms are an integrated set of movements including the fewer movements, dozen movements or long forms including hundreds of movements. In the beginning it is advised to do short form with smaller and slower movements especially for old age people or people suffering from a variety of diseases. A proper Tai Chi walking leads to smooth, slow and rhythmic gait. Walkers are advised to Place each step deliberately and firmly. People enjoy Tai Chi walking and get benefitted.

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It is evident in a variety of studies that Tai Chi Exercise has proven to be a boon to improve walking function, gait balancing and posture control in elderly patients. Also the improvement in the cardiovascular system is evident in research papers. Hence this tai chi walking can be a best strategy to improve the walking function of the individuals and promote good status of the nervous system.The herbal formulations of Planet Ayurveda are authentic and result oriented products made for the benefits of mankind.