Take a Trip of Healing with Loa Blasucci – A Retreat Is What You Need


The world is so full of light and dark with fear everywhere – it can block your healing process. There’s a way to get away from it all and feel good again. A retreat is a time you can set it all aside, heal, and listen to the voice that doesn’t use words.

Numerous spiritually awakened individuals believe that certain geographical areas possess an intense spiritual energy. Etheric clairvoyant and reverse aging specialist Loa Blasucci believes there are spots that have much more to them than meets the eye. She encourages her clients to meditate and go on retreats for self-reflection, emotional healing, and profound experiences. She focuses on women; taking them to a place where they can let their mind rest and let their body heal. 

Through her coaching platform, Heyloa, she takes her clients to various places to help them find clarity, peace, and rejuvenation. Whether conducting week-long or 2 or 3-day trips, she trains her clients in releasing anxiety and blocked emotions. She leverages the spiritual impact of the area to help them balance their energy centers and support cell renewal for reversing age and living a healthier life.

Some previous retreat locations include: Sedona, Maui, Big Bear, Palm Springs, and Wine Country.

Take Sedona, Arizona for example. There are places there known as vortex sites, where the earth’s energy is amplified. Some describe them as powerful energy centers, while others liken them to swirling energy funnels. These energy spots are thought to have a unique influence on those who visit them, affecting their physical and spiritual well-being.

Last week in Sedona a woman arrived at the retreat carrying guilt, she was feeling heavy and had tears the first day. The next day she walked in looking 15 years younger, all through her face and eye area–brighter, smoother. She said last night in her room she reprocessed the exercises we had done and let it flow through her. She was smiling! She looked beautiful,” said Loa. 

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a nature enthusiast, these energy centers offer an opportunity to connect with the earth. This connection can bring a sense of peace, healing, and a feeling of youthfulness. Along with the retreats and personal coaching, she speaks to corporate groups, as well. 
If you are feeling blocked, trying to release your  anxiety, or enhance your well-being, joining the trips planned by Loa is a wise choice. Having a spiritual guide to help connect with the energies can maximize their impact. Contact her here to find out more about her next retreat in Sedona in April of 2024 and how she will use the natural energy of Sedona to help people embrace their healthier and younger selves.