Tasty, Delicious & Fresh Baked Cookies in Classic Flavors and Fruit Toppings


In the city of Glendale, CA, you can now go ahead and taste some mouthwatering, tasty and freshly baked cookies that come straight out of the baker’s oven. This is why these cookies are so popular among the young and old that has a sweet tooth. And, it is a renowned city-based bakery outlet by the name of “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” that brings to you some of the finely baked items. It can be the regular nazook, apple turnover, small puff nazook, grandma nazook, date & sesame cookie, flower apricot cookie, almond apricot cookie, sweetheart cookie, raisin cookie, dark chocolate dipped cookie, apricot chocolate puff cookie, and so much more. If you love the topping of fruit, nuts, chocolate, sugar and cream, then it is definitely one such classic bakery shop that brings to you a whole new range of finely baked and crisp cookies that instantly creates a yummy feel. Perfect for a morning breakfast, brunch or as an evening snack. It is bound to create a soothing feel for your taste bud.


Cookies in Perfect Shape, Size and Taste with a Smooth Crunch

Here in this city of California, you can now taste the best of hazelnut cookies, raspberry cookies and apricot cookies, all of which have some of the best fruit toppings and chocolate layers, sprinkled with fine sugar. So, if you’re thinking about enjoying your breakfast with a cup of piping hot cappuccino, why not get some tasty cookies Glendale CA – Art’s Bakery & Cafe that looks and tastes absolutely brilliant. Now you can think of ordering a large puff nazook, hazelnut nazook, raisin walnut roll, mother-in-law’s favorite cookie, chocolate vanilla raspberry swirl, walnut & apricot chocolate cookie, twist cookies, and an extensive variety of cookies online. Just sit at your home, visit the “Art’s Bakery” website and order over the phone. Else, simply drop at their exclusive outlet located in the city center and pick your bag full of ‘homemade’ cookies that are even better than that of your Grandma’s. These are perhaps some of the finest baked assortments in the city of Glendale, CA, for all those cakes & cookie lovers.