Thailand’s women are most beautiful in Asia


Thailand is a country that is known for its beautiful islands, monasteries, and delicious local cuisines. Despite the scenic beauty and all, one major thing that makes Thailand exceptional is its women’s look.

A typical Thai woman is like a breath of sunshine, and they never fail to give out a smile or two to passerby. It’s no wonder Thailand is regarded as the Land of Smiles.

Keep reading this article as you go on this cultural trip and journey through the heart of Asia while learning more about these breathtaking Thai women.

What Are Thai Women Like?
Thailand’s women are some of the most beautiful in Asia, and it’s no wonder the country has many tourists. Here are some descriptions of what Thai women are like regarding their appearance and personalities.

Standards of beauty in Thailand: White skin, injections and diet

Thailand is famous for its beautiful women. Thai ladies are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Many don’t realise, however, that the cult of beautiful skin, face and body takes very extreme forms and the price that people pay in Thailand to look a certain way is very high.

In Europe it’s common to argue the standards of beauty that are dictated by magazines, films, TV and celebrities. We want to be natural and just be ourselves. We might think that this is something that happens everywhere and that in other countries men and women also like to celebrated their natural looks. If we are used to hearing that it’s OK to be a bit bigger, have wrinkles and freckles and it’s fine not to wear make-up, we might be a bit shocked when we find out what Thai people think of as beautiful.

The Land of Smiles is totally in a different place than us. What we might think of natural and beautiful, they consider not to be very aesthetic. In Thailand looking after yourself and being pretty is not only very important, but it’s a part of the culture.

Thai Girls: Are They Right for You?

There are a thousand topics about Thai girls out there like: how to find a good Thai girl to marry, how to marry a Thai bar girl, how to find a “good Thai girl”, tips for dating Thai girls, etc. I would add some more questions: are you polite, are you jealous, do you respect Thai culture, are you willing to pay the dowry, do you respect Thailand?

Thai girls: Are they right for you or not?
First of all let me say that there is no substantial difference between Thai girls and Western girls, they do not come from another galaxy and you should not behave differently with them than you do with girls from your country. However, keep in mind that Thai and Western cultures are quite different in many ways, so you should act accordingly. Most Thai girls are quite similar to girls living elsewhere in the world. Every Thai girl has her own personality and as every girl is different we cannot judge them globally. Personally I think Thai girls are pretty good. Most of my best friends are Thai girls.

After many years in Thailand I have realised that if you respect the Thai people, they will respect you too, and if you are honest with your Thai girl, she will be honest with you. Keep in mind that Thais are tired of drunken westerners and sex tourists who don’t respect their country and culture. If you are nice to them, they will be very nice to you.

The best place to find a Thai girl is… Thailand. Yes, Thailand! However, avoid meeting your girl in a club, venue or bar. The best place is at the market, cinema, shopping mall, supermarket or even walking down the street. If you meet a girl in a club or bar, she will be a bar girl, if you meet her walking down the street, in a shop or restaurant, she will probably be an honest, kind-hearted, good-natured, sincere, easy going, marriage minded, faithful and romantic Thai girl.

Thai women have appearances like their counterparts in Asia, which can help you quickly identify them. These attributes are:

Varied complexions
Whether fair or dark, Thai women come in different varieties that still appeal to foreign men. Many Thais have dark brown complexions that almost look tanned. For Thais, a woman with a fair complexion is a sign of beauty and virtue, but they still value the different other skin colors of their women.

Distinct facial features
Thai girls pride themselves in having distinct facial features, a small nose, and a V-shaped face. They have beautiful, well-proportioned faces that make them look cute and almost doll-like.

Petite frames
Thai girls are the epitome of the Asian beauty ideal with their petite frames and thigh gaps. They further accentuate their feminine edges by wearing sexy clothing and keeping up to date on trendy fashion styles.

Their silky jet-black hair
Their tanned complexion and silky black hair make for an enticing visual. These women use coconut oil to moisturize and keep their hair soft. They prioritize their hair secrets and routines and ensure their hair is healthy.

Every woman has certain traits that make them stand out from others. The distinguished characteristics of Thai women are:

Standards of beauty in Thailand
What Thai people like and what they think of beautiful is different from what you and I might think of being attractive. Below you iwll find a few interesting facts about beauty standards in Thailand. When reading this article, remember that Thai culture is different from ours and it’s not up to us to judge it and change it.
Just think of this as an interesting fact to read about.

White skin – The number one desire
When you are in Thailand, you will notice a lot of whitening cosmetics. These are lotions, soaps and creams that are supposed to make your skin look brighter and whiter.

In Thailand white skin is a sign of belonging to a higher class. This is an opinion that comes from the past, when the neighbouring countries were colonies and the Europeans, with their pale skin, where their rulers. Colonising countries had more money, more respect and more power.

The desire of having whiter skin leads to extreme procedures. First of all, cosmetics, which are commonly sold everywhere and whiten your skin, are considered unsafe to use. They contain harmful chemicals, such as mercury.
Many young people don’t want to stop with cosmetics. They buy injections online. Using them, without consulting a doctor, leads to seizures, or even death.

Nowadays, Thai girls are usually open-minded and don’t care about age, but they already have a father, be reasonable. As Thai girls are perhaps the most beautiful girls in the world, most of them look much better in real life than in the picture. You will be surprised.

Most Thai women are conservative by nature, so don’t trust a girl who agrees to have sex with you on the first or even the fourth date – a well-educated Thai woman wants to remain chaste until marriage. Recently, however, some young Thai girls are embracing Western cultures such as sex before marriage, especially those living in Bangkok.

Online Dating Sites
The most dangerous place to find your soulmate is Internet. I’m talking about dating sites in general, not just in Thailand. Social networks are plenty of “honest, good natured, sincere, kind heart, easy-going, marriage-minded, faithful, romantic” girls from everywhere. They claim “I love children. I like cooking, travel and watch movies, I have sense of humor” etc. Behind these profiles there are many pretty decent girls while eventually many others may try to get money from you, sometimes she is not a girl but a guy or a gang trying to extort money from you. A typical way they use to get money from victims is “my mother got sick” or “I need money to pay the hospital bills”. Another scam is “my dad had an accident, please send me money”. I heard these stories in different occasions and surprisingly many men believe them and get scammed (Including myself years ago).

Profiles with girls posing in expensive clothes, in nightclubs or traveling on a luxury yacht near an island paradise are not for you. Think before you make a decision: who paid the price for this? Possibly another guy like you, or many of them. Look for a simple girl.