The 10 most requested professions to work with Digital Marketing


Traditional marketing has paved the way for  digital marketing  and with this the vacancies related to this area are increasing more and more. If you are interested in this sector, you should know some essential points that we will show you today in this post. Let us begin!

What does a digital marketing professional do?

A digital marketing professional is in charge of creating, structuring, planning and executing marketing strategies.

through the Internet and all its tools. One of your responsibilities is to use technology to increase sales, create a consumer need or want, and to create a strong brand image.

What is expected of the professionals in this area?

The professional in this area must be a creative, detail-oriented and analytical person.

And must also have the ability to work in a team and a talent for communication.

These skills are necessary because you must plan the online marketing strategy and take care of obtaining the expected results.

Because it is an area in constant evolution the digital marketing professional must always be updated . And attentive to new tools.

What are the most sought after professions in digital marketing?

This area is quite broad, therefore there are several professions within digital marketing. Here we leave you a list with the 10 most requested:

1.Social Media Manager

It is a position for large companies.

The Social Media Manager is in charge of creating the digital marketing plan for a brand or product.

For this he must be very clear about the objectives of the company and carry out an analysis of the competition. Among its functions is to constantly carry out a deep analysis of the results in order to be able to alter the marketing plan  when necessary.

Another of its missions is to circumvent online reputation crises by creating a strategy for this.

2.Community Manager

This professional is responsible for managing the online marketing plan within social networks, blogs and the online presence  of a brand or product.

You can work in both large and small companies.

If you work in a large company, your role will only be to manage the social networks and create the content according to the marketing plan.

In the event that the company where you work is small, you probably have to carry out that Social Media Manager in addition to your function, since you will have to take care of everything. from the creation of the online marketing plan.

Learn more about a  community manager , entering the link.

3. Web Designer

It is the professional who designs, creates, maintains and feeds the website and/or blog of a brand or product.

Their knowledge must go beyond creativity and aesthetics so that the web page created is easily interactive and navigable. This means that you must have sufficient technical knowledge for the proper functioning of the page and  creativity  to make the website attractive without excesses or visual contamination.

This professional is essential for a good marketing strategy.

4. Visual content creator

This professional is in charge of creating  images ,  infographics , gifs and videos for distribution through the internet and social networks.

In addition to being a creative professional, this person must have knowledge of graphic design, photography, recording, both image and sound, editing, and creation of special effects.

5. Content Producer

It is the person responsible for the  production of the texts  and messages that a brand delivers on its blog and its social networks.

In content marketing, a strong trend in digital marketing, it is essential for a company to create a link with its consumer. With this objective, this professional creates valuable content to be distributed through its channels, considering the needs of the  buyer persona. and putting  SEO knowledge into practice .

6. SEO Consultant

SEO  is  search engine optimization .

The SEO consultant is responsible for the client’s website to appear organically in the first places in search engines. Especially Google and thus obtain greater traffic on the website.Among its functions is the search for  keywords , control the structure and content of the website, check the outgoing links of the page, get incoming links and do analysis and monitoring of the site.

7. SEM Expert

SEM  is marketing on search sites.

The SEM expert is responsible for managing search engine marketing campaigns through paid ads, basically on Google AdWords.

Different types of advertisements can be made through  Google AdWords . For this reason, the SEM expert is responsible for creating the strategy according to his objectives to choose the best way to make sponsored links. Segmenting them properly and constantly verifying the results.

8. Web Analyst

This professional analyzes the data obtained from the traffic of a website .

This analysis is done to verify if a digital marketing strategy is working.

Therefore the work of this professional is of the utmost importance.

One of the most used tools for this is Google Analytics, therefore its good management is essential for this professional.

Its functions include monitoring the traffic of a website for further analysis. And the creation of reports containing all the activities and evolution of the page.

9. Expert in Electronic Commerce

One of the most requested professionals today is the Expert in  Electronic Commerce .

Its main function is to create the online sales strategy of a brand or product and carry it out.

For this reason, you must have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.

And be constantly updated on the new tools for the purchasing process.

10. Mobile Application Developer

This professional has recently been very prominent in the professional market and the trend is for him to continue to stand out more and more. Its function is to create  mobile applications  in order to improve the user experience and facilitate the relationship between client and company , which is why it is so closely related to digital marketing.

For this position, programmers with deep knowledge in mobile development are sought, they are generally engineers or computer technicians.

As you can see, there are many options to enter the area. Have you identified with any of them?