For elderly individuals, a walk in shower for elderly can provide numerous benefits. Not only is it more accessible and safer than a traditional bathtub, but it also allows for greater independence and improved hygiene. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of a walk in shower for elderly and why it’s such an important feature for seniors in their homes.

Easy access

Walk In Shower For Elderly is an excellent way to provide easy access for elderly people in the bathroom. This type of shower eliminates the need for a full step up into the shower area, which can be difficult for those who have difficulty with mobility. Instead, the shower has a low threshold, which makes it easier for people to walk in and out of the shower. Additionally, having a Walk In Shower For Elderly means that there is no need for a dangerous step over or step down in order to access the shower, which reduces the risk of slipping or falling.

Non-slip flooring

Home mobility pros understand how important it is to have a safe bathroom environment for seniors. To prevent slip-and-fall injuries, installing non-slip flooring in a walk-in shower for the elderly is essential. Non-slip flooring can provide extra grip when stepping into the shower and reduce the risk of slips, falls, and other potential accidents. Many non-slip flooring options are available and come in various colors and designs to match your existing decor.

Grab bars

When it comes to increasing home mobility for the elderly, grab bars are essential for providing stability and support. Installing grab bars around the shower will help those with limited mobility or balance to safely enter and exit their showers. Grab bars can be installed both inside and outside of the shower, allowing users to grip them with both hands as they move in and out of the shower area. If a walk-in shower has been installed, you may find that a single grab bar on the wall is sufficient. However, if an extra level of security is desired, additional grab bars can be added around the walls and/or along the bench seating area. Home mobility pros can help to ensure that grab bars are properly installed and secured for optimal safety. In addition, many home mobility pros also offer other services such as installation of non-slip surfaces, low threshold entries, and accessible benches. These modifications make it easier for elders to enter and leave the walk-in shower without slipping or experiencing discomfort. Home mobility pros are also experienced in making sure the height and depth of the entrance meet the needs of each individual user. For example, raised thresholds can help reduce fatigue when stepping over the edge of a standard bathtub. All these considerations ensure that walk-in showers provide a safe environment for elderly individuals.

Built-in seat

Having a built-in seat in a walk-in shower is a great asset for the elderly. The seat allows them to rest while they shower and prevents them from having to stand for long periods of time, reducing their risk of injury. Home mobility pros recommend this feature because it can provide extra stability, making the shower safer and more comfortable for those who need a little extra support. Furthermore, the seat can also be used to bathe children or pets, providing additional convenience.

Handheld shower head

A handheld shower head is a great feature for elders who may have limited mobility or balance issues. It allows them to easily direct the water where they need it to go, and makes it easier for them to clean specific areas of their body. Home mobility pros suggest that having a handheld shower head also allows an elder to more easily keep their balance while washing, as they can support themselves with the handle of the shower head. For those elders that may need assistance while bathing, this feature provides a greater level of comfort and safety.