The Benefits of Industrial Lighting


The way we work is constantly evolving, and in many cases, this means that businesses are becoming increasingly specialized. This isn’t just a case of niche services being offered by bigger companies as a secondary focus—many smaller businesses are now dedicated solely to one specific area of production. Whether it be making micro-batch ice cream or hand-stitched leather moccasins, the opportunities for specialization have increased dramatically in recent years. The result is that many businesses now focus on only one small aspect of what they do as their primary source of income. A commonly overlooked element of this kind of specialization is the lighting your business uses. While you’ll almost certainly need natural light from windows and skylights to make your workspace comfortable during daylight hours, there are many other ways that lighting can change how you work and what you produce.

Why Your Business Needs Industrial Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important areas to consider when it comes to designing a workspace for the specialized production of a small-batch product. The kind of standard, general-purpose lighting that you’d expect to find in an office won’t serve the needs of a small business making moccasins by hand in the same way that it would a software company with hundreds of employees. For this reason, industrial lighting is vital to many small-batch businesses. Industrial lighting comes in a variety of different forms and is often tailored to the precise needs of the business that uses it. This isn’t just useful for saving space—it can also help to enhance comfort and productivity, while reducing the risk of injury. Industrial lighting can help workers to avoid eye strain and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury, while at the same time increasing their accuracy.

Protecting Worker Safety

Many small businesses produce items by hand rather than by machine, meaning that workers need to be in constant contact with materials that may be harmful. When working with certain types of wood, for example, it’s essential that workers wear gloves to protect against splinters and other hazards. Given the importance of this kind of protection, many industrial lighting manufacturers offer gloves with protection built in. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in many different ways. It can reduce the likelihood of workers getting splinters, for example, and it can also help to protect against the spread of harmful chemicals. They should buy industrial light fixtures.

Increasing Productivity

Beyond the risks associated with the materials used in a specialized production process, there are also hazards that come from the nature of the work itself. While stitching leather by hand, for example, it’s important to hold the materials at a certain angle to avoid straining your hand and wrist. Industrial lighting can help to avoid this problem by providing a free-standing light source designed to sit at the correct angle. With this type of light, you can position it exactly where it needs to be and avoid the need to bend and contort your body in uncomfortable ways.

Improving Marketing Efforts

The right lighting can also have a massive impact on the marketing efforts of your business. In the same way that a photographer can use light to enhance a product shot, you can use lighting to draw attention to your products in other ways. For example, a bright red light can make products stand out from a store display, while a dimmer light can create an intimate atmosphere in an art gallery. When you have the flexibility to control the way that your lighting is distributed, you have even greater control over the image that your business projects.

Finding the Right LED Manufacturer and Contractor

Beyond the kind of light that an industrial lighting system produces, you also need to consider the design of the system in detail. This includes the kind of LED lamps you use, but also the materials used in the construction of the lights themselves. The design of the fixtures is also important. You’ll need to consider things like hanging height, control options, and the size of the stand that the fixture sits on. You’ll also need to think about how many lamps you’ll need and where they’ll be positioned in your workspace. With so many different factors to consider, it’s a good idea to get help from an industrial lighting professional. A lighting designer will be able to help you to choose the right products for your space, while also advising you on the best way to install them.

Finding the Right LED Product for You

While there are many different types of industrial lighting available, you’ll find that there are also countless different variations on each type. For example, if you’re interested in T8 LED retrofit kits, you’ll find that there are many different manufacturers to choose from and a variety of different features and options to consider. It’s important to take time to consider exactly what you need from your system before you start shopping for products. It’s also important to make sure that you select manufacturer products that are UL listed and come with a warranty. This will give you peace of mind that the products are safe to use and will last for as long as you need them.

Helping to Build your Brand Awareness

Beyond the benefits for the workers who use them and the customers who buy your products, industrial lighting systems can also help to enhance your brand awareness. For example, if you use a single bright lamp to highlight your product from a store display, you instantly draw attention to it. In the same way, if you have a lighting system that uses colored light to draw attention to your brand, this can help to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Showcasing Core Company Values and Beliefs

Beyond all of these practical benefits, industrial lighting can also help you to showcase the values and beliefs that drive your company. In the same way that you might use your choice of words to convey a certain impression to your customers, you can also use your lighting system to send a message. For example, if you use warm white light in your workspace and display, this can help to create an inviting and comfortable environment, while also emphasizing your core values of quality and excellence.

Summing Up

Choosing the right kind of industrial lighting for your business is an important decision. Producing the materials for these lights is a complex process that requires a great deal of skill and precision. It’s also a highly competitive industry, meaning that manufacturers need to stand out from the crowd by producing the highest-quality products possible. The result is that industrial lighting is a field that you shouldn’t ignore when planning your workspace. By choosing the right lighting for your business, you can make a big difference to the way that you work.