SPY smart mirror system can be described as a system with an ‘integrated feedback’ in the interior system design. Unlike traditional car alarm, the SPY car alarm system has several benefits. It improves the driver’s experience and increases rider safety. Besides that, the integrated car alarm system, bring convenience to the driver and feedback the vehicle situation in time.

What is the SPY one-way or two-way car alarm system

Let’s look at the definition between a one-way and a two-way car alarm system.

One way: SPY one-way car alarm system is a technology that allows you to safely lock, unlock, ignite and operate your vehicle in several ways with a smartphone. It sends the signal one way to the vehicle, but the vehicle does not send a signal back. All you can achieve with the one-way car alarm system is to control the vehicle.

Two-way: A two-way alarm system is the opposite of a one-way system. It sends a signal to the vehicle then the vehicle sends another signal to the remote controller confirming its status. In addition to that, it sends data to real-time data to either your phone or key fob and blocks away any threat. It also offers GPS tracking, keyless locking, and entry.

What are the functional characteristics of the SPY one-way or Two-way car alarm system

  • Auto-lock car door while driving
  • PKE alarm system
  • Auto-unlock car door when ACC OFF
  • Remote control weak power reminding
  • PKE/RKE mode switch
  • Anti-copying remote control
  • Door closed improperly, alarming
  • One push button engine, start without a car key
  • Roll up the window automatically while  closing the door
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Remote trunk release
  • Remote engine start
  • Sensor/pin switch auto-detecting
  • Emergency disarm
  • In PKE mode, touch the push button manually, and induct the arm automatically(optional)
  • Rearm (anti-faulty disarm)
  • Control central door lock manually

What are the applications of the SPY one-way or two-way car alarm system

Extreme weather driving battle: the car alarm system is a lifesaver during severe weather conditions. You will do any operations remotely, like opening the car’s trunk, starting the wipers, roll the windows up and down.

Remote engine start by remote key or phone: after a long day at work or night, you want to get into the car and drive. Also, you need a warm or cool car during winter and summer. The technology allows you to start the engine remotely by your smartphone or remote key.

Lock or unlock:  you can use your smartphone to configure your vehicle to unlock and lock automatically within a certain range. You don’t need to issue the unlock command, called keyless entry.

Smart start: rather than starting the manual manually, the system allows you to start your vehicle automatically with a push button. Therefore, you will save a lot of time.

Find your car: the car alarm has a panic mode feature that allows you to find your car easily in parking lots or crowded areas.

Security: it detects shocks and vibrations in case thieves are trying to break into your car.

The introduction of the SPY car alarm

SPY has been a leading car alarm manufacturer and supplier since 1994. Our one-way and two-way car alarm systems have unique features to make your vehicle more functional. In addition, we ensure quality products by carrying out a strict inspection in four stages. SPY also provides OEM/ ODM service hence bringing reliable products. For car alarm systems, visit SPY