The Benefits Of Renting A Smartphone


Today, your employees use cell phones in their regular job. However, using a smartphone for just phone calls is no longer the norm. Demands rise in tandem with technological advancements. Reading emails, issuing contracts, optimizing and loading slideshows, and teleconferencing are already routine business tasks that are thought to be the foundation of successful companies’ internal and external communication.

Your benefits

From Capex to Opex Positive effects on your equity ratio

The balance sheet of your business does not include mobile phone rentals. It doesn’t affect the company’s debt ratio because it is only a small portion of the profit and loss statement. As a result, your equity ratio is unburdened, and your ability to secure future investments is guaranteed.

Arranging for security through regular monthly payments

The user locks in a certain monthly price by registering for the Device as a Service offer. This makes it possible for you, the tenant, to calculate the expenses in detail. The fee is fixed once it has been agreed upon, providing planning security.

Flexible terms

Rental agreements can be signed for terms of varying lengths based on your demands and preferences. Just as feasible as a long-term deal of 36 months is a leasing duration of just 12 months. Commercial contracts for phones typically demand substantially greater and more sophisticated services. Still, individuals who use their phone or tablet strictly for personal purposes may usually get by with minimal data quantities and free minutes.

Protection of the environment and society

You significantly contribute to the long-term viability of your business by taking out a Device as a Service offer. Our long-term renting solutions are resource-efficient and sustainable. On the other hand, our approved partners recycle damaged and useless equipment to collect valuable raw resources and precious metals and put them back on the market. You may significantly help to increase the sustainability of your cellular corporate interactions in this way.

Cutting-edge technologies

The phones are quickly returned at the end of the mobile phone rental UK, after which new models with the most recent technology become accessible to you.

In this case, a crucial step in the return procedure is the DIN-certified deletion of the previous devices. You also gain from technological advancement in this way. The needs of businesses are typically better and better met by modern models. For businesses, cutting-edge technologies provide security and quality of service. In addition, there is no need to consider costly maintenance due to wear and tear because smartphones are often returned after a brief amount of time as part of the lease contract.