The Best Schools In Dubai: Why You Should Consider a Private School

High School in Dubai
High School in Dubai

Dubai is known for its diverse crowd and multicultural approach. Several people from different parts of the world settled down in Dubai for its growing economy and quality lifestyle. It has led to the development of some of the best Dubai secondary schools within the UAE.

 The private schools in Dubai operate under the KHDA, a body that looks after the education quality in schools. The KHDA rates Dubai secondary schools based on their academics, staff, facilities, and other factors. Private bodies own about 90% of the schools in Dubai, and hence most schools in Dubai are owned by private firms. 

According to the KHDA’s January 2020 report, there were about 295,148 students admitted to the private schools in Dubai. This report shows a 2.1% growth in the admission rate over the years before 2020. 

The Top 10 private international schools in Dubai

The Global Indian International School Dubai offers an IB course and has a warm and friendly atmosphere to include students from different backgrounds. The school also has highly experienced teachers who help the students develop critical thinking skills and reach their goals in life. 

Dubai College– The school bagged International School Award in recognition of their new Positive Education programme. It is a top-rated school that follows the British syllabus. It provides a secondary level of education.

Dubai International Academy provides both primary and secondary levels of education while following the IB course. With their objective of providing world-class education, the school is known for its academic achievements. 

GEMS Dubai American Academy– This is one of the best private schools in Dubai that follows the American syllabus. It provides both primary and secondary levels of education. They aim at creating future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

GEMS Modern Academy– GEMS Modern Academy works towards nurturing a child’s dreams while making their academic journey interesting. This school provides education both at the primary and the secondary level. It follows both the IB and Indian curriculum. 

GEMS Wellington International School– This well-known private school follows both the IB and British curriculum. It has facilities for both primary and higher standards of education. 

Jumeirah College– It provides a secondary level of education guided by the British syllabus. It is well-known amongst a large section of people who have shifted to Dubai. 

These international schools in Dubai have been rated excellent by KHDA for their academic models, extra-curricular facilities and interactions with parents. The fees for these schools range from Dhs 7400 to Dhs 80000.

Statistics show that about 76000 students are enrolled in schools following the Indian model of education. About 49,000 students are in schools following the US syllabus. About 18,000 students are attending the IB degree schools. Thus, such a variety in degrees and courses available has provided a range of options to children.

These schools provide excellent quality of education while providing many facilities available to the students. Further, the schools also keep a healthy relationship with the parents. It guides the parents to support and encourage their children, thus improving the students’ performance. To sum up, international schools in Dubai are the best for your child.