Leh has been highly renowned in recent years because of the simple reason that it serves as a key to the Ladakh area. Ladakh is a fantastic tourist location, almost astonishing in its beauty. Leh has a beautiful history that has been written about it before, and everyone truly believes Ladakh is incredible! Rajasthan is home to some of the Himalayan range’s highest peaks, massive glaciers, and countless rivers, yet it is so desolate that it rivals Leh.

It creates an example on the other extreme like Rajasthan because of the high height, low levels of oxygen (air) density, and severely cold temperatures (no glaciers, very few rivers, high temperature, and low altitude). one can’t help but convey their affection for Ladakh. For you, it may be best to call a taxi service in Leh.

While there are 1.3 bus routes available – 0.8 for the Kashmir route since it is closed 20% of the time and 0.5 for the Manali route since it is only open for six months – only non-AC non-luxury small buses operate at a low frequency of once every 2-3 days, private and shared cab is also available. However, they are inconvenient and only go halfway away, forcing you to change.

Let’s try to write down the possibilities available now that everyone always cribbed so much.

Shared Taxi

This decreases the difficulty by half since, regardless of the route you take, whether Srinagar or Manali, you must consider your trip between Srinagar/Manali and Leh. By Road through Manali – a less expensive alternative that requires significant road travel but is mostly streamlined. Volvo buses frequently run till Manali; from there, sharing or reserve cabs are readily accessible. Because of the authorization requirements, one must either come 1/2 day early in Manali or schedule anything before arriving. Depending on where you sit in the car, share cab charges from Manali in an Innova or Xylo might range from INR 2500 to 3500 per seat (middle and front always preferable). In a cab, the trip should take roughly 18 hours. In Leh, at least one day of rest and acclimatization is required.

Exchange contact information as soon as you discover a quasi (Ladakhi driver in Manali and Himachali driver in Leh). At the taxi stand, keep your conversation to a minimum. Fix the arrangement and the pickup location over the phone or away from the taxi stand so that other native taxi drivers don’t get involved and cause complications for the non-native taxi driver.

Try to go for a walk around Manali or Leh’s mall road or taxi stands late at night when most non-native drivers arrive. Get in touch with one of them and quickly swap phone numbers, maybe telling him to leave the cab stand.

If you’re short on cash or time, use a shared cab or taxi along the Manali Leh Highway. A drop from Manali to Leh or Leh to Manali will cost Rs 1500-1800 per seat in these shared taxis. The shared taxis seldom stop for sightseeing and usually complete the 474-kilometer route in a single day.

Taxi fares in Leh Ladakh are regulated by the Ladakh taxi union. Every year from March – April, they publish the prices, and you can find the cheapest cabs in Leh depending on the taxi model. Taxi union distributes taxi prices into three categories based on the taxi’s type, with the top being Innova, XUVs, and so on, and the lowest being Sumos, Tavera, Vans, and so on. The difference, though, isn’t significant. The best option is to contact a local driver who may provide you with 10-12 per cent discounts on his own time.

You should always have your water bottle with you and replenish it as needed. It will not only keep you refreshed at all times, but it will also aid in removing plastic waste from the Himalayas. Remember, every small step counts, and your contribution to this cause can also help rescue the Himalayas!

Travelling to and from Leh by flight necessitates the preparation, not only for lower fares but also for a guaranteed seat. If you book six months before the event, you can normally get the best rates in the range of INR 4K–6K, and if you book three months ahead of time, you can usually get the cheapest ticket in the range of INR 8K–10K. (Leh to Delhi). Flights from Delhi to Leh are generally approximately 2-3K less expensive than flights from Leh to Delhi. As a result, this is only useful if you plan at least 5-6 months.


Based on what has been mentioned thus far, finding a cheap cab in Leh Ladakh is a bit tricky, but it is feasible, and individuals do it or have done it in the past. It all relies on your luck and how you interact with people once you’ve met them.