The Best Walking Tours in Melbourne

Melbourne City Skyline
Melbourne City Skyline

There are two types of walking in Melbourne: general strolling or a curated walking expedition. if you have spent your entire life in this lovely city or are a visiting tourist, there are always fresh mysteries to unearth in the city.

It makes sense to get off the tour bus and put your sneakers on in a city with good pedestrian infrastructure. Walking across Melbourne is the best choice, with alternatives for foodies, history enthusiasts, fashionistas, and more. The City has a lot to offer. From insightful paid tours of unique places to many Free tours of Melbourne, there are plenty of attractions. While visiting Melbourne, one of Australia’s most historically and culturally significant cities, there are many interesting things to see and learn about.

So, are you ready to discover Melbourne?

Here’s our pick for the Best Walking Tours in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Street Art Tour (Private tour for 3 costs $295 AUD)

This Tour curated by “Blenders Studio” is one of the best Walking tours in Melbourne. Named the Melbourne Street Tours, it celebrates the arts and culture of the historic city of Melbourne. The Melbourne Street Art community is one in which Blender Studios has deep roots. The concept of street art as we know it now did not exist when Blender was founded in 2001. In its early stages, it was a relatively underground movement. But by 2009, a dynamic group of some of the city’s more well-known street painters launched the inaugural Street Art Tours of Melbourne.

Additionally, Melbourne Street Tours is still the only street art tour in Australia that is led by street artists. The Fitzroy Tour and the CBD Tour, which are two of the most well-liked Street Art Tours, are available to the general public, groups, and even for special events. The tour starts at “Zevenboom Lane, near ‘Little Lon”. This 3-hour walking tour is accessible from 10 AM to 5 PM.

2. Melbourne Walking Tour: Uncover Hidden Laneway Bars (price- $100 AUD)

The greatest tour to have fun and discover the splendour of the city’s drinking culture is this one. You’ll discover more about Melbourne’s pub culture, local history, and travel advice for further destinations. Learn about some of Melbourne’s lesser-known attractions that are tucked away in off-the-beaten-path roads, alleyways, and arcades. While learning about the city’s past and future, sample some delectable treats along the route. You may also visit a huge 19th-century arcade in the city and explore some gritty-looking, street-art-filled passageways. Explore the quaint, historically rich streets that are home to cafés and speciality shops. Thus, is considered one of the best Walking tours in Melbourne.

The tour begins at Gordon Reserve in East Melbourne’s Spring Street. This tasting tour starts at 1:30 and is especially well-liked on weekends. The lunch buffet is not meant to be an “all you can eat” affair. It is suggested that you take a small meal beforehand. The Gordon Reserve area is well-liked by tourists; you can get many Melbourne Serviced apartments in the vicinity for extended affordable stays in the city.

3. Melbourne: Pentridge Prison Ghost-Themed Walking Tour (Per head Cost $50 AUD)

Considering walking tours, Melbourne has some of the most unique ones. Without a doubt, this is one of them. The city’s fascination with haunted tours is something of an attraction for tourists. For thrill-seekers, this is one of the best. On this 1.5-hour host-themed walking tour in Coburg, you may trace Chopper Reed’s movements. unearth Ned Kelly’s remains, and see Ronald Ryan’s last moments. Goosebumps are guaranteed!!

Discover the shadowy side of Australia’s most well-known jail as you listen to the horror story of Ronald Ryan, the country’s final executioner. Through spine-chilling tales, learn how this institution ties to Chopper Reed and Ned Kelly. Take this macabre-focused walking tour to explore Pentridge Prison in Coburg. Discover the mysteries of the site where 44 corpses are buried. And learn about the prominent Australian criminals that resided in Pentridge. The tour begins at Pentridge Prison, D Division, which is located in Coburg at the intersection of Urquhart Street and Wardens Walk South. Tours run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

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Our Last but Most Favorite Pick for Walking Free Tours Melbourne

We believe the best street Walking tours are the ones that satisfy your curiosity. If Street Art, Drinks or Ghosts aren’t your things, we have another great way to soak in the city. This entails Free Walking tours with the Locals!

Nothing sounds better than experiencing the city from a local perspective. Learning about a city should not be a very costly affair, and we know that. It’s safe to say that this is the most convenient free walking tour offered in Melbourne. It offers a glimpse of some of the most famous and historic places in the city from a uniquely local perspective. So, here is a guide on how you can get Free Walking tours in Melbourne.

Going on Free Tours in Melbourne

There are many organizations present in the city that provided free tours with a Pay-as-you-like scheme. These are small agencies mostly comprising local tour guides. They would serve as your sole point of contact for the sights, cultures, and histories of Sydney and Melbourne. They will impart to you the tales and background of the hometown of Melburnians. Along with you, they will discover areas of the city that many residents are unaware of and any overlooked lanes. These tours are very flexible and don’t burn a hole in your pocket if you are in a large group.

Some notable ones are “I’m Free Walking Tours”, “International Greeters Association” and “Free our Community”. You can easily make a booking with them online and find the best free tours Melbourne. This is the best way to support the locals and give back to the community. You can find many guides on the streets wearing colored uniforms. Don’t hesitate to talk to them and fix an adventurous walking tour. The organizations also have online websites where you can book slots beforehand for convenience. The best part is that many of the excursions described above are tip-based or pay-what-you-wish walking tours. In essence, when the tour is complete, it is up to you to judge how much it was worth.