The best way to receive SMS messages online with temp sms phone number


Many of us often feel the need for a single-use phone number to receive text messages online. Sometimes you can skip the registration process on some websites. Or create a WhatsApp number with a phone number from different countries.

There can be many reasons, but when it comes to getting a single-use phone number. Well, most of the time it becomes a difficult task.

However, we have chosen this site called tempsms to help you.

Now you need to ask yourself what this site is about and how it can help you get a single-use phone number.

Now, just to answer that question, we share our opinion on timelines. However before we talk about the website, let’s talk about why you need a temporary number. So that you can understand it better.

Why do you need a temporary number?

Sharing your personal data on various websites or with strangers is not a good idea. Therefore, just to protect yourself from this, you can use temporary as disposable numbers. Usable numbers basically add double security to your personal data.

As a result, no one else has compromised your private information. Or someone may misuse your information.

If you create an account on social media or try to contact a stranger. Alternatively, if you list something online. A temporary number can therefore be very useful for you.

Anyway, now that you know why a temporary number matters. Let’s go and talk about the time service.

Even using the site is very easy. In addition, the use of the website is completely free and you do not need to download any application here. It is a comprehensive web service that allows you to receive text messages online.

It also allows you to select a number from a set of numbers for a specific country. You can even use multiple numbers at once in a particular location.

That is, you can register for a website with a specific number and at the same time use another number for another website. You can even manage these two numbers at once, which is a really great feature of tempsms.

You can also find the old check number of a particular place on the website. Another useful feature of the website is that you can send SMS for free.

But the sad part is that so far you can only send free SMS to numbers in the US and Canada. However, it is mentioned that they will soon be able to send free SMS to users in other places.

This was a small introduction to the tempsms website. Well, to give you a better idea about this online SMS reception service. Let’s talk about some of the main features of the site. Here we go:

The most important characteristics of Tempsms:

Single-use numbers:

First, the website offers single-use or temporary numbers to anyone on the internet. The website generates new numbers every week and makes sure you get the best services. The timing system automatically generates toll-free numbers based on its user base.

Receive online SMS:

Tempsms is one of the best ways to receive SMS online. You can easily receive an SMS to one of the numbers specified on the website.

You can even use the number to call any service online. So you can use numbers for facebook, google, gmail, whatsapp, viber, line and other websites.

But currently the site does not offer many numbers from elsewhere. However, they will expand their database to other countries as well.

Send free SMS;

Another feature that this site offers is to send free SMS. There are times when we feel the need to send free SMS. Maybe we are sending a stranger with whom we do not want to share our personal number.

In such cases, the SMS function of tempsms is useful. Just go to their website and enter the recipient’s phone number and the text you want to send, and you’re ready.

These were the most important features that tempsms had to offer. Now let’s go ahead and talk about how to use tempsms to receive and send SMS.

How to receive sms online via tempsms;

  • First go to the tempsms website.
  • Then you will see different country names. Just click on your favorite country.
  • Then on the next page you will find a list with a series of numbers. From now on, just click on one of the numbers.
  • Then copy and paste the number where you want to use it.
  • Once finished, you will find an SMS at the bottom of this number window. Then follow the on-screen instructions and do your job.
  • How to send free sms via tempsms
  • First go to the Tempsms page.
  • Then select Send Text from the navigation menu.
  • Then you need to enter a phone number along with the country code. (Note that it is a France numbers, UK numbers or USA numbers ).