The Best Ways to Secure Microsoft 365


When it comes to the platforms available for business use, there can be nothing more than Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has been ruling the business dynamics owing to its vast collection of productive tools. Thus, numerous businesses resort to this platform for hghghtheir efficient functioning.

The presence of numerous businesses on the platform makes it a target for hackers and cyber attackers for achieving their narrow goals. Though Microsoft 365 boasts numerous security features, it is important to know the special add-ons for enhanced protection.

Here are several methods for Microsoft 365 security:

  • Multi Factor authentication

While logging in, you will be requiring a code for accessing Microsoft 365. This is a part of the two-step verification that helps in keeping the hackers at bay. Even if the hackers manage to get the password, the second step will prove to be a barrier. Visit office professional plus 2021 volume license if you want to get license.


  • Having different admin accounts

Admin accounts are a primary target for hackers to gain access to Microsoft 365 information. Having separate accounts for regular use, for sole admin privacy and emergency purposes can offer multiple options to bank on.


  • Trained employees

Training your employees will skill them to use Microsoft 365 in a way that leaves no loopholes behind. Their increased expertise will add to the security.


  • Protection against ransomware

Ransomware activities try to extort money by locking encrypted files or important files of a company. Here the safe attachments feature in Microsoft 365 can aid in preventing such malware attacks.


  • Disable automatic email forwarding

Automatic email forwarding is easy to target for hackers to gain access to your Microsoft 365. Prevent the exfiltration by making the necessary changes in email settings.


  • Utilizing 365 message encryption

Microsoft Office 365 has an inbuilt email encryption option that ensures that only the sender and the recipient can view the contents of the email.


  • Protection against phishing

Once you configure the custom domains, you can unlock the anti-phishing protection and solutions that will secure your business from vicious phishing attacks.


  • Office 365 Attachments to protect against files

Sometimes the files, documents or attachments shared can include malware. Under such circumstances, enabling office 365 attachments can prove beneficial to keep any such file at bay.


  • Using safe links to protect against phishing

Safe links for office 365 ensure verification for the emails and files you receive while going through business deals. This will eliminate any possibilities of unwanted phishing.


  • Enable unified audit log

The unified audit log carried the user, application, group, and domain details in Microsoft 365. Enabling it will spike up the protection.


  • Activate the alerts

The alert policies of Microsoft 365 alert you whenever there is a breach of data or possible intrusion by any unwanted hacker.


  • Activate Azure portal inactivity timeout

This particular feature comes in handy to protect your documents from unauthorized attention even if you leave your workstation unattended.


  • Tagging external email

External email tagging ensures that all your external emails have a tag as “external” which helps you keep a check on the emails.


  • Block legacy authentication protocols

Hackers can lay their traps if legacy authentication protocols missed to enforce rules.

  • Avoid giving consent to apps

Giving consent to any app can land you in major trouble of losing information.


  • Avoid giving access to all

The Azure access should be restricted to admins only.


  • No permissions for guests

Take away the power of guests to invite unauthorized access. Such actions open the portals for malicious activities.