Being one of the best German Holiday destinations, Heidelberg is situated in the Neckar river valley. Since it has the best university of Germany, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität or Ruperto Carola, the place all through the year attracts number of scholars and students from all over the world. The beauty of its old town, perfect cozy ambience of its pubs and the youthful air of Heidelberg makes it a very mesmerizing vacation spot. Hotels in Heidelberg can be found in plenty ranging from luxury hotels to economical ones. Throughout Heidelberg, the hospitality of its hotels is excellent. As a travel destination, Heidelberg is full of exciting places to visit. Some of the best picks have been mentioned below for your convenience. On the door of the half-ruined castle of Reinigungsfirma Heidelberg hangs an iron ring. Going by the myths, anyone who bites through the ring has the right to claim the castle. This castle is the best architectural magnificence of Heidelberg. To find more about the history of the Heidelberg castle it is suggested that you buy castle travel guide that is readily available at the ticket office. Or if you simply want to savor the stupefying views around then you may leave out the handbook. Although entering the castle gardens is for free, there is an entrance ticket for the Castle courtyard.Heidelberg Castle, or Schloss, is a labyrinth of interesting rooms and fascinating legends. Reality and fable come together when you see the Tun – a mammoth wine barrel, and you learn about the dwarf – the barrel’s mythical protector.

Heidelberg Schloss rests on a mount above the city along the Necker River in Germany. Part of it lies in ruins, blown-up by the French in 1689 during the Nine Years War. Many legends arose from the ruins including ghosts and witches A favorite is about the Tun and Perkeo the Dwarf.

Within the castle is a gigantic wine barrel that holds 220,000 liters, or 58,100 gallons. It is referred to as the Heidelberg Tun. Germans call it the Großes Fass. Built in 1751, it consumed 130 oak trees.