Thebarton Aquatic Centre

In addition to housing our swimming club and learn to swim programmes, neighbourhood schools, sporting organisations, and providing hydrotherapy facilities, group classes, and personal fitness, Thebarton Aquatic Centre is a public aquatic facility.

The Barton Aquatic Centre offers:

Learn to swim

Lap Swimming

Squad Swimming

– Special Needs, Adult and Children



Fitness Classes

Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, and adults can all take swimming lessons at Swim School, regardless of their level of swimming proficiency.  A valid swim school membership gives the owner unlimited access to the pool and one weekly swimming lesson. When accompanied by one adult, children under the age of five are also allowed free of charge.

Everyone can use the public swimming pools in Australia. Several aquatic facilities offer training and exercise groups in addition to swimming instruction for people of all ages, and public pools charge a modest access fee.

Swimming classes

In Australia, swimming is one of the most popular sports. Swimming is one of our main passions, and our country is completely surrounded by water. Swimming is not only enjoyable, but it’s also a fantastic way to stay active, stay healthy, and meet new people.

You can engage in swimming as a healthy activity for the rest of your life. It is a low-impact activity with numerous advantages for both physical and mental health.

A swimming pool strengthens ties within the community. Community pools accomplish this by putting residents in close contact with neighbours they might not have otherwise encountered. This friendly atmosphere can foster friendships, which will entice more and more community members to drop by and engage in conversation.

Every family in the neighbourhood now has access to a pleasant, healthy activity in their backyard thanks to a communal pool. Even after a long day at work, a family can travel a short distance by foot, bicycle, or car to spend some time swimming and having fun at the pool together. Families and individuals will be able to enjoy some enjoyable, healthy entertainment without having to worry about traffic or making a long commute. In fact, the family might decide to use the communal pool instead of engaging in a harmful activity.

Information about Thebarton Aquatic Centre

Seniors and baby boomers in their later years who are looking for a low-impact way to stay in shape or recover from an injury will find great benefit from the public aqua aerobics and aqua therapy classes offered by Thebarton Aquatic Centre.

Aquatic education strategies teach kids how to react around water and get them accustomed to being in it. It is important because it not only gives your child life skills around the water; it also teaches them how to survive in water if an accident occurs.

It’s wonderful for enhancing heart health because it gives you a decent cardiovascular workout while gradually raising your respiration and pulse rates.

The resistance of the water ensures that opposing muscle areas are used in each movement as you push and pull against it, which helps to build and tone muscles.

Flexibility is increased, and the support of the water significantly lowers the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

It’s a fantastic way to reduce tension because the water cools and massages you, making you feel weightless and incredibly relaxed.

Relief from diseases

Exercise in the water can help arthritis sufferers better use their arthritic joints without making their symptoms worse.  Rheumatoid arthritis patients who engage in hydrotherapy—exercising in warm water—show greater health gains than those who engage in other activities.  Exercises performed in the water can also lessen osteoarthritis discomfort and enhance the function of the affected joints.

Older persons can benefit from water-based exercise by enhancing their quality of life and reducing impairment.

Post-menopausal women’s bone health can also be enhanced or maintained with its support.

Buoyancy: This characteristic of water enables humans to perform workouts that are challenging on dry land.  In the water up to your neck, 90% of your body is buoyant, so you don’t hit the ground as hard as you would on land.  No jarring or hammering allowed!

Every action you do is met with constant resistance.  Exercise in the water provides 12% to 14% greater resistance than on land.  Resistance prevents abrupt physical movements.

Water disperses heat more effectively, reducing the likelihood of overheating.  The body is continuously cooled by the water.  Workouts in the water are more comfortable and cooler than exercises on land.

Benefits of the aquatic centres

Fitness: maintaining or achieving physical fitness. Keep in mind that you can’t just sit back and hope for the best.  Depending on how much energy you spend, you can improve your fitness.

therapeutic: aiding individuals in their recovery from injuries and illnesses. combating the effects of ageing.

social: interacting with and interacting with others.  Talk to other people while exercising in the water. Face your partner or exercise side by side. Likewise, meet new people!

Stress relief: Allows you to unwind and put aside your issues, work, and other concerns.

Enjoying the distraction is fun. Playfully work out in the water, and don’t worry about being serious! Enjoy it and laugh at it! Water exercise is enjoyable!


Minda helps you acquire and hone the aquatic abilities required to move into community-based swimming options, such as mainstream group lessons, and to be secure and enjoyable in the water.