The Implant Innovator: Restoring Smiles With Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental implants Freehold NJ are medical devices surgically implanted into the jaw to restore a person’s ability to chew or their appearance. They provide support for artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

5 Facts to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Every tooth that fails or falls out takes a little bit of your quality of life with it. Dental implants, by far the most popular tooth replacement method, promise to replace teeth permanently with a level of stability and durability comparable to natural teeth. Getting dental implants is a big decision, just like anything else that will affect your life forever. There’s a lot you should know ahead of time. Here are the top five things you should know about dental implants.

One: They do function and appear like natural teeth.

Natural teeth are stable because their roots are embedded in the jawbones. It is what allows them to convert the power of their jaws into biting and chewing power in order to grind down food. Dental implants function in the same way.

Dental implants have titanium roots that are placed in the jawbones. Titanium bonds with the jawbone over time, providing a stable foundation for your replacement teeth, whether they be dental crowns, bridges, hybrid dentures, or overdentures.

Two: No, the process will not be painful.

Implant implantation operation would be painful without anesthesia. However, because your dentist uses surgical guides to put your dental implants with precision accuracy, you won’t feel any pain at the implant sites with just a little local anesthesia.

Three: budget for a year of planning, placement, and healing.

It will begin with consultations and exams. After that, you’ll choose a date, proceed with implant placement, and then heal for a few months while wearing temporary teeth until receiving your permanent replacement teeth.

From consultation to complete repair, the process normally takes about a year.

Four: You must safeguard them from gum disease, just as you would natural teeth.

While dental implants are resistant to gum disease, they are not bacteria-proof. Lapses in basic dental care, or protracted periods of irregularity, might promote the progression of gum disease and jeopardize your new teeth.

Maintaining your implants will be simple and familiar:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Floss after brushing your teeth
  • Clean under your replacement teeth with a water flosser.
  • Finish by using an antimicrobial mouthwash.

Five: They could last you the rest of your life

If you choose an experienced prosthodontist and diligently care for your dental implants freehold NJ, they could last you the rest of your life.