The Importance of Accountability: AA Quotes on Responsibility and Honesty


When we talk about addiction and mental health we must know that this is journey can be personal but the experiences need to be shared with every person suffering from mental health disorder or substance abuse disorder. Mental health illness is severe and it is something that is spreading at a very fast speed all across the world. Mental health disorder can simply be defined as a chemical imbalance or an increase in emotional numbness quotient because of past traumatic and horrific experiences. Life comes with a lot of challenges, every moment can be challenging and tough, people close to us can be traitors, work losses can take over, health issues are weak and in all this mental health is affected the most.

Sadly even in the 21st century mental health is considered to be a taboo and an illness with shame, disgrace and humiliation to the family members and close ones, this being the major reason for people suffering from it, prefers to hide and they neither accept the need for it mental health can only be cured if approached to the professional at the right time with the right treatment let us examine at the various mental health disorders that are most common among the population

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Borderline personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorder

The list of the mental illnesses can go on and on. The major symptoms that are involved in the mental health disorders are as follows

  • Extreme sadness
  • A feeling of loneliness and being alone at all times. One starts to feel that they are abandoned.
  • A feeling of vulnerability and miserable
  • Person tends to tell hopeless, less worthy and over depended on their close ones
  • Loss of concentration
  • Memory depression
  • Hatred towards people around
  • Self hate, self comparison to a dangerous level
  • Suicidal or self harm thoughts
  • Loss of sleep, eating habits begin to change and severe anger issues arise.

These symptoms are very common in almost all the mental health disorders and are very prevalent however still because of lack of awareness within the youth and the rest of the population. This level of awareness makes the patient and their family members clueless about the symptoms which they often tend to ignore until the health of the person suffering from mental health illness worsens. Let us shed some light various ways we can spread awareness through-

  • Education – education is one medium where we can reach to our youth on mental health and its importance.This can be done through various lectures, seminars and adding it in curriculum.
  • Role of government – government establishing various mental health facilities and thus promoting it so that people know about the facilities in their areas. Speeches and government organised seminars should be frequently held at a large scale.
  • Non profit organisations – plays an essential role in creating awareness at local and village levels as well.
  • Advertisement – online awareness like through advertisement entertainment channel, news changes and radio broadcasting can help the treatment for mental health and it’s importance reach several people.

Awareness actually plays a key role in ensuring that every person in the country is aware of mental health, the right approach towards, its symptoms and what role one as an attentive member of the society should play with those suffering from mental health illness.

It is important to understand as stated by the AA “You have to be truthful to others, But just as important, you need to be honest with yourself” if you are not true and accountable of yourself no body can help you, no professional help, not your family members or your close ones. It is us who are accountable to our own health and how we can overcome it.entql health is a treasure for us , if we don’t protect it this ever fasting ever growing world would steal it from us . To survive in this world it is important to fight for your own self and your mental health keeping one’s own peace at the priority in this chaotic world.

Honesty , self awareness and accountability is what that makes the process and journey of recovery against mental health disorder swift and worth fighting for.