The importance of having a website for  small businesses

The importance of having a website for  small businesses

The arrival of the Internet in our daily lives has turned our world upside down, but also that of small business web design. It influences our mentality, our consumption patterns , our habits, our way of doing things, etc. To stay in step with its consumers, companies must adapt. The large American firms, in particular the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), have been leaders in the operation of these changes. For example, Amazon was one of the forerunners of online sales. 25 years ago, he resold books, today he creates a store without a cash register, delivers his parcels by drone… in physical stores because of/thanks to Amazon ( Study “10 retailer investments for an uncertain future”, PWC ).

The acceleration of these changes was even stronger with the arrival of smartphones , with the release of the first iPhone in 2007. All the services we needed were centralized in a single device, which we could take everywhere with us and which fit in our hand. A revolution !

The Evolution of Business in the Internet Age

The Internet has enormously influenced the markets and continues to transform them. The new technologies associated with it gave rise to the fourth industrial revolution. An immeasurable impact for our businesses.

All of this makes digital today a major challenge in the transformation of markets and the companies that operate there.

Companies created long before the advent of the internet can find themselves at a loss in the face of this constantly changing environment. All this implies many changes since it is a real revolution. Without this, the company is not sure of being sustainable. If it does not adapt to the market and does not make any changes, it may very quickly have to go out of business. We know, according to Liberation, that 81% of French companies that went bankrupt in 2013 failed to bet on the internet. We let you imagine 8 years later!

Today, technologies related to digital communication are part of the DNA of some of the companies that are created. They constitute real pillars of the identity of these companies. Those that have been there longer have an extra effort to make in order to meet new consumer expectations and continue to grow.

As we have just mentioned, not all companies are equal when it comes to digital communication . Whether they have just been created, whether they have been there for 50 years, whether they operate in one sector or another, there is a typology of companies that is lagging behind in this area… VSEs and SMEs.

Why use a website creation service provider?

As you have understood, digital is no longer an option for your businessCommunicate through a website , everything starts from there! This one, unlike you, will be available 24/7. A prospect will be able to contact you regardless of the day and the place in which he is. Your website will allow you to:

  • Enhance your company’s image.
  • Increase your visibility .
  • Generate Contacts .
  • Make a difference with your competitors.
  • Show your skills.

We let you discover the reasons for having a website with concrete examples of VSEs/SMEs. Today there are many solutions that allow you to create your website for free. If you have the writing and graphic skills and the eye of a web designer, this can be interesting. On the other hand, if you are new to digital, we advise you to use a  website creation service provider . Different professionals are involved in the creation of a website such as the graphic designer, the editor, the SEO and the integrator. This is why a service provider is often necessary for the creation of a website. It is rare for a VSE / SME manager to have all these skills, in addition to those related to his activity. You wouldn’t ask a plumber to do a haircut!

This digital communication expert will provide you with professional advice in the field, adapting it to your needs and expectations. This is particularly the case of, expert in the creation of websites present on most of the French territory. Since 1984, this company has been supporting VSEs and SMEs in developing their visibility .