The Latest Collection Of Dog Bow Ties From Ironpooch

Dog Bow Ties

You can add a dash of style to your pet’s wardrobe with a dog bow tie. These stylish accessories slip over the collar easily and are adjustable so that they fit perfectly. These bow ties will certainly grab attention. They will look absolutely adorable on your dog and will definitely catch others’ eyes. Read on to discover some of our favorite designs. We have included the following brands: Segarty, Masue Pets, Blueberry Pet Bandana, StrawberryEC, and many more!

Segarty Bow Tie

This adorable pet neck tie is ideal for small to medium sized dogs, cats, or puppies. This bow tie can be used for everyday wear, holiday celebrations, weddings, Halloween, Christmas party solan, and pet photography. The fabric is soft and breathable, and it is easy to adjust. Designed with a plastic buckle for fastening, this dog neck tie is made to fit neck sizes from thirty to sixty centimeters.

Masue Pets

The latest collection of dog bow ties from Masue Pets is a perfect match for your furry best friend. This stylish accessory is made of 100% cotton and features a welded D-ring buckle for easy attachment and removal. Dog owners can purchase this accessory for their pets in a variety of different colors, which can be used to create a fun and unique look for your pooch.

The StrawberryEC wearable dog collar is made of soft cotton and is adjustable for easy fitting. It is also hypoallergenic and comfortable for your pet. It is available in various sizes and styles. It is a popular choice among pet owners who want to make their dog look as stylish as possible. For added convenience, you can choose from two different colors – pink or blue – to create an adorable look.

Blueberry Pet Bandana

These stylish accessories are available in two color choices, and feature bright words on the collar. These ties are made with hook and loop fasteners on the back and attach to most types of collars. Orders over PS75 can also enjoy free shipping. Some items are handmade and may take more time to ship. If you would like to purchase a dog bow tie, you should keep in mind that they may be slightly larger than collar sizes.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the collar is comfortable to wear. The buckle is well-designed and allows for easy adjustment and closure. The bow ties are available in various colors, and are suitable for various occasions. The material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They also come in two sizes. You can find them at your local pet store, or purchase them online for your pet. If you’re unsure of how to make one, you can always ask someone who has one for help.


With over 30 different dog bow ties in classic and vibrant designs, you can dress up your furry friend in style. These bow ties attach to your dog’s collar with hook-and-loop fasteners and feature elastic straps to adjust the length and width to fit different sizes of collars. They are designed to fit up to an inch-wide collar and are customisable to suit your dog’s individual personality.

Available in two colors, these dog bow ties come in an extra large size and feature bright words. They are easy to attach to most dog collars thanks to the hook and loop on the back. Please note that handmade items may take longer to ship, so allow extra time for shipping. Once purchased, your dog will be ready to wear it on your next adventure! If you don’t plan on wearing the bow tie yourself, you can always purchase it as a gift for a special occasion!