Digital-first. Open-source. Subscription. Changes in the purchasing and selling of textbooks have significant ramifications for higher education.

However, a recent poll by Direct Textbook found that 72% of college students prefer traditional textbooks to electronic editions.

SolutionInn offers free textbooks to students from its wide array of titles to be mailed at $0. The offer is extended to a number of disciples that students can choose from. From business and sciences to arts – there is something for everyone! 

Here I have listed down the top 5 popular titles of free textbooks that were most frequently requested by the students. 

Here we go! 

A Concise Introduction to Logic – 13th Edition

By Patrick J Hurley, Lori Watson

A CONCISE INTRODUCTION TO LOGIC, 13th Edition has assisted over a million students in developing their critical thinking skills in the construction and evaluation of arguments. The most popular logic text in North America as a result of the text’s simple, approachable, and comprehensive presentation. The book provides all the information you need to succeed in your logic course and demonstrates how the material relates to actual issues. Gaining proficiency in reasoning enhances your abilities in ways that apply to other classes you take, daily life, and your future job.

Intermediate Accounting – 10th Edition

By David Spiceland, Mark Nelson, Wayne Thomas, James Sepe

By giving students access to the most complete, up-to-date, and easily available Intermediate Accounting learning system, the Spiceland/Nelson/Thomas author team has established a new benchmark for Intermediate Accounting. While the cogent, steadfast tone of this incredibly committed, intensely involved author team has considerably increased student learning, the demanding yet approachable approach has won over educators throughout the nation. The Spiceland team is dedicated to delivering up-to-date, thorough, and understandable coverage of Intermediate Accounting, and the tenth edition continues to make use of Connect as the leading online teaching and learning resource available. Because of its highly regarded conversational writing style, thoughtful teaching, and plethora of online resources, Spiceland/Nelson/Intermediate Thomas’s Accounting succeeds at thoroughly preparing students for the CPA test and their future professions. 

Management Science: The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets – 4th Edition 

by Stephen G. Powell, Kenneth R. Baker

Students and business analysts can acquire the technical information and skills necessary to become true experts in business modeling through this book of management science. The writers discuss modeling expertise, management science, and spreadsheet engineering. By emphasizing the most crucial activities and tools, the text aims to increase modeling effectiveness and efficiency.

Java Programming 9th Edition

By Joyce Farrell

When you rely on the engaging, practical approach of Farrell’s JAVA PROGRAMMING, 9Edition, you may start using JavaTM to construct applications right away. Even if you’ve never written a line of code before, JAVA PROGRAMMING can teach you how to do it while also teaching you the fundamentals of structured and object-oriented programming. Business applications and game development are highlighted in original, reader-friendly explanations and interesting programming exercises, and your comprehension is further deepened with practical debugging exercises and current case studies. For practice and skill development, MindTap’s additional digital learning resources provide coding IDE (Integrated Development Environment) laboratories and interactive learning tools.

Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry 2nd Edition

By Lea R. Dopson; David K. Hayes

The second edition of Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry expands on the merits of the first edition, which included a clear structure and an approachable format for students. This updated edition provides students with extra guidance in fundamental arithmetic concepts and develops the incorporation of ethical issues and worldwide developments in accounting systems and the hospitality sector.

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