The Orbwars: An NFT-Based Battle and Trading Game


The gaming world has seen a significant evolution in recent years, and the introduction of NFT has taken this evolution to the next level. NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain representing ownership of a specific item. This new technology has paved the way for new types of games that combine elements of strategy, collectibility, and competition, and one such game is The Orbwars.

What is The Orbwars?

The Orbwars is a game that allows players to collect, trade, and battle with unique digital Tiimons. Each Tiimon has its stats, abilities, and rarity, making them one of a kind. Players can battle with other players’Tiimons to earn rewards, level up their Tiimons, and climb the leaderboards. The Tiimons are stored on the blockchain, ensuring their scarcity and ownership, and the game also features a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade Tiimons with each other. To your utter astonishment, Orbwars is a free-to-play game but not more than one Tiimon to each connected player.

How to Play TheOrbwars

In the Orbwars, players start by collecting Tiimons. And Tiimons comes with a booster package purchase. It’s really easy purchasing the booster package that possesses Tiimons readily available with it in the package from the existing marketplace. Tiimon has its stats, such as an attack and defense, which determine its strengths and weaknesses in battles. Players can also level up their Tiimons by increasing their stats.

In addition to battles, players can also trade Tiimons with each other in the marketplace. Their (Tiimons) rarity and stats determine their value, and players can exchange those for other Tiimons in the-game currency form or the form of real-world money.

Oh, if you think you are more than engaged in the game and have started enjoying the utmost real experience of the game and feel like not restricting yourself anymore to boost, let us enlighten you that you are entirely free to purchase boosters. And the boosters’ price starts from as low as 10 US dollars only.

The Benefits of Playing TheOrbwars

The Orbwars offers several benefits for players. The first is the opportunity to collect and trade unique, one-of-a-kindTiimons. The scarcity of Tiimons and their ownership being stored on the blockchain ensures they have real value and can be traded for real-world money.

Another benefit of The Orbwars is the opportunity to engage in battles and test player strategy. The game’s turn-based combat system requires players to think carefully about their actions and the strengths and weaknesses of their Tiimons. This makes battles more exciting and allows players to test their skills and improve their strategy.

Booster is a pack of 5 items and 1 Tiimon. Each player gets only one free naked Tiimon; if players want to have more Tiimons, they really may consider buying boosters. More Tiimons to play, more Tiimons to bread, more Tiimons to rent. It’s the investor’s option. And prices are affordable, starting at just $10 in the current market.

The nature of the game

The challenges of this game include fighting people to gain control of the lands and other Tiimons to be superior, practicing dominance amidst species, and ultimately taking over the whole planet and establishing dominion over it. N.B. The game allows breeding characters. It allows players to multiply the advantages and capitalize on them; More Tiimons means more breeding. Two Timmons make one breed possible. And more breeding… you know…! Yes, ends in more perfection in terms of the operation and functionality of the game.

Finally, The Orbwars has a community aspect, with players able to interact and compete with each other. Players can join together to form teams and participate in team battles, and the game’s leaderboards provide a platform for players to compete against each other and see how they stack up.

By the way, are you accustomed to the Ternoa Blockchain? Let us make you happy and inform you that this game lets the players capitalize on the Ternoa Blockchain. Haha! It looks like the good news has not been fading away! Wait! This game allows its players to rent Tiimons for passive income.


The Orbwars is a unique NFT-based game that combines elements of strategy, collectibility, and competition to provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. With the opportunity to collect, trade, and battle with unique Tiimons, engage in fighting to test player strategy, and potentially earn real-world money through the marketplace, The Orbwars offers many exciting features for players.

Another important aspect of The Orbwars is its use of blockchain technology. By storing Tiimons on the blockchain, the game ensures their scarcity and ownership, making them unique and valuable assets. This technology provides security and transparency, as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be altered or deleted. So why not grab a few Tiimons and start battling today!

Good days ahead! Enjoy to the fullest!