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The latest Prime Video horror film “The Rig” is like watching an episode from “Doctor Who” where the eminent Time Lord never shows up. The other elements are present: A attractive, yet affordable setting (in this instance it’s the Scottish oil well) as well as a small cast of UK actors, that are accompanied by a couple of prominent guest actors as well as an unnatural force that requires lots of running along dark corridors. However, this time there’s not a space wizard with the power of a magical wand to help save the day. The day’s players must figure the mystery out on their own. 

This is an important aspect that’s a big part of “The Rig” Its quaint charm floating through its eco-horror trappings using an underdog spirit even though it doesn’t have the funds or theme weight to buy its ideas. The basic plot is the material from ” Alien,” “The Thing” The Thing,” and ” The Mist” in one A group of workers from an oil rig who are all getting ready for their final shaft prior to departure, abruptly get caught in a strange fog that blocks them to the world outside. In addition the drilling might have brought forth something ancient which is seeking to punish humanity for their perturbation in the order of nature.


The opening shot: deep in the water, it appears that the rift has opened up. At the surface there is Kinloch Bravo, a massive oil drilling rig.

The main idea: The staff on the Kinloch Bravo are coming to the point of rotation, at which point most of them will head home to their families following their lengthy stay on shore on the Scottish shore. The rig’s captain, Magnus (Iain Glen) is dealing with the change in personnel, and the addition that of Rose (Emily Hampshire) she was being sent by the oil firm to assess the Kinloch field to determine whether the money they are spending could be better utilized elsewhere.

The crew members scheduled to leave are eager to get out and depart, including the young and brash tech Baz (Calvin Demba) who is furious when he discovers the next helicopter out and Fulmer (Martin Compston) Communications specialist, taking his place. At an all-hands’ meeting, Magnus tells the crew that the next choppers were diverted to Bravo’s sister rig due to an emergency. This angers the crew members who are due to return home, and especially Hutton (Owen Teale) an older crew member who has voiced his criticism of Magnus his direction.