The Secret of Han So Hee’s Charm Looks Ageless and Stunning


South Korean actress, Han So Hee has just shown her acting skills in the latest series entitled “Soundtrack #1″. Han So Hee’s charm amazed fans when she played her new role. What’s the secret? Han So Hee’s charm in this latest series is not only shown through her expertise in playing the energetic and cheerful role of Lee Eun So, but also her glowing and healthy skin even in the middle of winter which is prone to dry skin . As a beauty teacher to accompany women to achieve their dream skin, Han So Hee, who has just been appointed as a brand ambassador of Somethinc, an international quality local beauty brand, shares tips on maintaining healthy skin and recommended quality products. Curious? Let’s look at the leaked tips from Han So Hee below.

Never miss moisturizer to keep skin hydrated In this romantic musical drama film, Han So Hee plays a cheerful and fun female character. The personality seems to be getting stronger thanks to the fresh and hydrated look on her face. One of Han So Hee’s secrets is to regularly consume mineral water. The reason is, during the filming process it was seen that Han So Hee was often exposed to winter weather which could make her skin dry and rough more easily. This problem is also often experienced by Indonesian people, especially if they are in an air-conditioned room for too long. Therefore, Han So Hee also emphasized the importance of using moisturizer morning and night regularly on the face. Moisturizing products made from hyaluronic acid and ceramides in particular can hydrate facial skin optimally. This is because the combination of these two ingredients can increase the production of collagen in the skin, moisturize all layers of the skin, and strengthen the skin barrier so that facial skin becomes more supple and looks healthy.

Both of these ingredients are found in the Somethinc Supple Power Hyaluronic9 + Onsen Moisture Bomb Gel product which is specifically for owners of dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. This moisturizer has 3x Ceramide Complex, 9 Types of Hyaluronic Acid and 65% Onsen Belgium Hot Spring Water which can lock in moisture for 24 hours with a light and fresh texture!

Lee Eun Soo glowing and anti-dull face in the Soundtrack #1 series is indeed the hallmark of Han So Hee. He divulged, the key to fresh skin is adequate sleep. The reason is when we lack sleep, the body will release the hormone cortisol which triggers skin problems and makes it look dull.

Well, Han So Hee also emphasized the importance of maintaining vitamin intake on the face to help prevent dull skin, especially with a serum that contains brightening ingredients, such as vitamin C and Niacinamide. The combination of Niacinamide and SabiWhite® which is equivalent to 16x Hydroquinone in Somethinc Niacinamide Sabi Beet Brightening Serum can help you achieve maximum bright skin. In addition, this serum can also disguise black spots due to hyperpigmentation or acne, and also moisturizes you! Besides Niacinamide, you can also use skincare with Vitamin C ingredients that can make your skin look shiny like Korean Glass Skin like Han So Hee’s skin. Somethinc Lemonade Waterless Vitamin C + Ferulic + NAG contains Duo Powerful Brightening & Antioxidant Agent which can help brighten skin, reduce dark spots, and fine lines. To be more effective, don’t forget to use sunscreen in the morning too.

In the film Soundtrack #1, Lee Eun Soo is told to live with his best friend Han Su Woo for two weeks. In their moment of togetherness, Lee Eun Soo’s charm managed to make his best friend fall in love with him. While playing the role of Lee Eun Soo, Han So Hee admitted to using light textured makeup for a more natural final look. The main key in holding and setting makeup all day from Han So Hee is the use of Somethinc Under Control HD Blur Loose Powder which has nano smooth particles for lighter, natural and long-lasting makeup results. This anti-putty formulation can make skin look beautiful with a touch of satin effect filtered skin. It’s no wonder that in every segment of this unrequited love story drama, Han So Hee ‘s makeup always looks flawless However, the use of make-up products on the face still has the potential to clog pores, causing blackheads and pimples to appear. Therefore, Han So Hee recommends a double cleansing technique before going to bed to thoroughly remove all dust, dirt, makeup and sunscreen from the face.

Han So Hee suggested using micellar water or gentle cleansing oil so it doesn’t damage the outer layer of the skin and make the face dry. After using cleansing products , don’t miss the facial wash . Choose products that contain mugwort and tea tree to balance the pH of the face.

The reason is, face wash products with high pH can damage the defenses and cause various skin problems such as acne. You can also get this benefit by using the Low pH Gentle Jelly Cleanser Somethinc. This facial cleanser is also safe to use even for sensitive skin. With a jelly texture that is very gentle, this facial cleanser can clean dirt and excess sebum that has settled all day, without making the skin dry or making it look like it’s pulling. You can also copy and apply the healthy skin care tips above, by buying the SomeThinc product recommended by Han So Hee. This collaboration with an inspiring figure is not the first time that SomeThinc has done. Somethinc’s various forms of collaboration are one way to continue to inspire customers.