The services that their fees will include and the how-to pay them

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult and the thought of going through the probate process for that person’s property in Texas can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is crucial to have a qualified and experienced Texas probate attorney by your side Initial questions As a client, it is your right to ask these questions till you are satisfied that you have found the right probate attorney to represent you and your estate. How long has the lawyer been practicing probate law? If they have the kind of experience of handling the deceased’s property in the probate court. The services that their fees will include and the how-to pay them. Looking for a probate attorney in Texas While looking for the best probate lawyerin the Texas area, the Law Office of Troy M. Moore can be the answer to all your probate issues so that you can reach your goals. With an experience of 19 years, their lawyer in Houston is known for efficient and straightforward procedures. For any questions and information about estate planning and probate litigation, probate matters, book a free phone consultation to see what issues you face with the deceased’s property and will. The firm represents clients in Texas throughout the Northwest Houston, Magnolia, Spring, Tomball, and Cypress areas. Questions to ask probate attorney before hiring Here are some top questions to ask that will help you decide if the lawyer you are hiring in Texas is a good fit for your case. What is the focus area of their practice? Your attorney needs to have a specialty in estate planning and also probate handling to streamline the process efficiently. The job of a probate attorney includes: Estate management and distribution. Execution of will with no conflict. Planning of taxes. What to expect during probate? You will be entirely depending on your attorney so the communication needs to be transparent and proactive throughout the process. What does the lawyer need from you? The probate attorney will be handling all Texas court-related issues regarding the probate case. However, you may also have some responsibilities, especially if you are the executor of the will. Listing all the vital documents needed for your probate questions is vital. Ask your probate attorney what information you need to bring with you and document them properly. As an executor, you need to collect, and organize the assets as well as pay the bills related to the case. Your probate attorney will create a plan to attain liquidity as well as pay creditors. How long will it take to resolve the case? It depends on the size of your estate. Smaller states can take a couple of months whereas larger estates could take a year or more to probate. It also depends on the expertise of your chosen lawyer in Texas. Other questions If it is a valid last will under Texas law? How to handle the probate process challenges? Who will be in charge of distributing the property? When will be the property transferred and have access to bank accounts? Probate cases are challenging hence, it is important to get the right kind of attorney whom you can trust to help in distributing the assets perfectly.