shiba inu uk for sale
shiba inu uk for sale

You have just taken a big step in pet ownership because you have either purchased or adopted a Shiba Inu. Congratulations! You have selected an extremely intelligent and unique dog.

Now you realize that with all this intelligence and uniqueness, you have acquired a master of escape, a dog who seems to possess all the qualities of a cat and a dog that seems to look right through you. You try to communicate, firmly conveying who is boss and your shiba inu uk for sale stares you down as if you don’t exist.

What have you got yourself into, you ask yourself. You are torn between feeling you need help training a Shiba Inu or you are in way over your head with this arrogant, independent creature you used to call a dog.

The Reality Is You Have Now Entered The Shiba Zone.

How do you know when you have officially entered the Shiba Zone?

o When your Shiba is suddenly off lead, totally ignores you when called and continues walking down the road never looking back. You no longer exist to your canine BFF.

o When you give a simple command and your Shiba looks at you as if to say: “Surely you must be talking to another dog…”

o When you get the snooty stare, head turning away and your beloved Shiba looks past or even worse right through you…as if you no longer exist.

o You tirelessly attempt to train your Shiba dog to fetch; only to have your Shiba watch the ball and give you the look. You know, the one that says: “Aren’t you going to get that?”

o You come home from a long hard day, do all the chores that earn you the luxury of actually sitting down and just doing nothing and your Shiba dog starts running the Shiba 500. You know, running from couch to chair, around the table, up the stairs and back again. Repeatedly. With a purpose only your Shiba dog is aware of.

These are some scenarios of entering the Shiba Zone

You now realize you definitely need help training a Shiba Inu. You thought you gathered all the Shiba Inu facts to get the information you needed to make an educated decision, but no one told you about this complex Shiba Inu personality.

There Is Help For Training A Shiba Inu

You now wonder: “What next?” You could be thinking you didn’t research enough to know your dogs personality. You might be thinking you are in way too deep.

Rest assured, you will be fine, as long as you understand you just need a little help with training a Shiba Inu.

You see, the Shiba dog is a complex breed of dog due in part to their extremely high intelligence level. With the right training, a Shiba Inu is the ideal dog for many people. When training a shiba inu uk for sale you must first know all their quirky personality traits. Once this is realized, your Shiba dog will once again become your canine BFF!