The Specialized Field of Medical Translation

Medical Translation

One of the most difficult domains in the translation industry is medical translation. Often people are scared to attempt to translate medical documents majorly because there is a general lack of awareness. And people are not certain about the requirements that take to get into this specialized domain

What Do You Need To Become A Medical Translator?

So the question is, what do you need to be a medical translator?

No Particular Institution

Well, the issue here is that there’s not one particular institution or regulatory body that can define the particular tenants that are essential for people who want to join the medical translation industry. 

It all depends on what you can offer to a medical agency and in return what the agency is going to accept from you. These are the major two things that matter in this particular industry.

Starting Phase 

For instance, people who are not specialized in this particular domain often start with filling out regulatory forms and then translating them into a particular language. This is not a subset of an advanced medical translator document, but still is part of the domain. 

Similarly, if you are translating medical records, it does not require a health sciences degree. And these particular tasks are done under the supervision of people who are working in an in-house agency. 

So, they are the ones who take you through the entire translation process even if you are just starting. And that is the pathway of a lot of free translators who get the first foot in the door of the medical translation industry

Domain Specific Work

Eventually, with the up-gradation of knowledge and experience, the quality of tasks and work gets more domain-specific. Translators then get to translate documents and information related to clinical trials or they get the chance to work for agencies like Psychology Translation Services

There are a lot of translators who start with basic translation projects and they end up in the medical field. With time, they improve their skills which allows them to translate more advanced medical documents.

Medical Technology

Another important domain in the medical translation field is medical technology. One may ask what it entails?

It mainly includes all sorts of medical devices. This goes from prosthetics to basic ultrasound. It’s everything that helps doctors in how to treat a particular patient.

How does one get to specialize in this specific domain?

Well, many translators study engineering at universities. But a lot of people get into the field of medical translation because they have an interest in the field of medicine.

What would be the common text types in the field of medical translation?

It includes mainly manuals. But also includes a lot of surgical instructions. For instance, where do you put a device, and how do you use it? 

Moreover, patient documents are also a part of it. Because patients have to consent to the procedure in the first place. Patient information sheets that come under the banner of clinical trials.

And a lot of research articles in the field of medicines require translations. We have seen that in the past certain years, the field of nutrition websites has escalated. Hence, they need a lot of translations to provide information to the rest of the world.

So in this scenario, there are a lot of crossovers. Sometimes it’s between the medicine and the marketing department. Depending upon these domains, the translations have to be done according to that.

Recruiting Process of Psychology Translation Services

However, in the field of psychology translation, the standard for translators is extremely high. The fact that people’s sleeves are at stake, makes the recruiting process very tough. Let us discuss the common traits that are often considered during the hiring process.

  • Native Speaker

Priority is always given to those translators that are experts in the target language. This makes things a lot easier. They can easily adapt the content as per the needs of the audience. Moreover, the cultural nuances and the linguistic preferences would also be taken care of. 

  • Expert Background

Psychology is a very specialized field. It requires extensive study and research to understand the complexities of the human mind. As far as the translations are concerned, the translator not only needs to have a sold translation experience but also needs expertise in the field. 

He can either opt for courses in the university or become a full-fledged translator. And then make his move to become a psychology translator. 

  • Attitude

In the medical field, the attitude of the worker is very important. The fact that they are dealing with people’s lives makes it even more challenging and demanding to stay positive and professional in the face of emergencies. 

Hence, during the recruitment phase, the recruiters are looking for people who can work well under pressure. Always stay relaxed, calm, and composed in any situation. And this is more of an innate quality. 

And very few people can adopt it. Hence, if you have the ability and you are so passionate about medicine, then you should try your luck in the translation business. 


In this article, we discussed the specialized domain of Medical Terminology Translation Services and what is the scope of these services. 

The important thing to understand is that the medical field is a specialized domain. And requires specialization and expertise. 

However, it is not necessary that you need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to become a medical translator. If you are passionate about medicine and healthcare, you can start working in the industry. And then gradually build up your work experience.