Netflix has established itself as one of the most successful streaming platforms, due to its growing content that ranges from horror and suspense series and movies to documentaries or fiction stories with touches of action.

As is the case with the movie “1917”, which premiered in 2019 under the direction and production of Sam Méndes; it starred George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, with photography by Roger Deakins.

What is “1917” about?
“1917” is a 119-minute movie that takes place at the height of the First World War in northern France during 1917 where two British soldiers named William Schofield and Tom Blake are part of the British regimental battalion and have the important mission of deliver a message by hand to the 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment from General Erinmore ordering them to call off the planned attack on the German forces.

However, the German forces feign retreat and prepare to attack a battalion of over 1,500 men, including Tom Blake’s brother.

An action drama movie
This production, which also featured performances by Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch, earned 10 Academy Award nominations and three wins, including Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best sound mix.

The movie that was produced by Pippa Harris, Callum McDougall, Sam Mendes and Jayne-Ann Tenggren is in the Netflix catalog, currently occupying the number one spot in the top 10 most watched in Mexico today; Here we leave you the trailer so you can enjoy it in the company of your loved ones: