Things About Dubai for New Travelers to Explore


Dubai is a well-renowned and fascinating place across the globe, and it is the best city in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it is famous for its cosmopolitan life, including huge buildings, lavish lifestyle, and unique culture. Besides, it was a small fishing village in ancient times, which became the most famous place, holding spots like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah. 

Furthermore, it offers exciting places and activities for which people from numerous countries visit Dubai to have it. If you are a shopaholic, Dubai mall is the ideal option; it offers more than 8000 stores to shop, and no requirement is there that this mall don’t fill. Besides, it does have an underwater aquarium and indoor ski option that give immense experience to every visitor. 

Plan a trip with friends and family to have the best stay experience and food under the best holiday packages from Dubai, which covers numerous costs during the trip. Moreover, it provides you with memorable experiences. 

Dubai is rich due to its free trade, tax rate, and income tax and it is a hub for business activities. Moreover, it is the world’s most significant passenger flow, which makes it a prosperous place. It holds numerous nationalities, for which it’s the best tourist place in the world. 

Several activities are there Dubai offers that give massive experience, including skydiving and hot balloon ride. Moreover, both give a top view of Dubai, where you witness many unique spots like the Golden Frame, the world’s tallest building, and other unique spots. 

The primary tradition of Dubai includes Islam, where locals dress up in clothes related to it. The best time to witness the massive tradition is Ramadan. Moreover, it’s an Islamic holy month, where people of the Muslim religion enjoy an iftar meal from dusk till dawn. Besides, they all offer every tourist the best and most unforgettable experience. Dubai locals are accommodating and kind with behavior, and they respect the visitor and help them. 

Dubai is a charming place to visit throughout the year, but the weather duration that enhances your trip is between November and March. Besides, you get more exciting activities and stay at an incredible price, so you may save lots of money by enjoying the best climate. 


The primary culture of Dubai is Islam, which revolves around Arab and Islamic origins and reflects in music, architecture, cuisine, lifestyles, and attire. Moreover, it is derived from many Asian countries, including India, Iraq, and China, but still, it has more unique elements that people demand. Furthermore, the ancient heritage of Dubai reflects traditional Arab and Islamic values and lifestyles. 

Dubai has highly demanded its most famous spots that make your trip unforgettable. Go through the understated place that you should include in your list.

Global Village 

The global village is a family shopping place considered the most entertaining and exciting place in Dubai. Moreover, it has a lavish exterior that gives a mesmerizing view. It also offers numerous Indian, Afghani, Arabian, Italian, Thai, and Turkish cuisine. Besides, all these foods have a unique taste, made with aromatic herbs and spices that make them unique and tasty. 

Furthermore, these places offer you engaging concerts and live shows that reflect the tradition and culture of Dubai. You must visit the place to have an incredible and unique experience. Moreover, it offers carnival and stunt activities, which makes your trip enjoyable. 

Miracle Garden 

Miracle Garden is a collection of lavish greenery under lush plants, trees, and flowers, which rejuvenates your experience and relaxes you. Therefore, it is situated on Dubai’s land. It spread around 75 thousand square feet, which is pretty significant to explore, planned with millions of flowers that smell alluring. Therefore, it is the most famous attraction for tourists who want a tropical garden feel. 

Furthermore, the best time to visit to take in the immense aura of the garden is between November and March, and this will make your visit more enhancing than other times. Moreover, visit side restaurants that provide you with fast food to complete your mesmerizing experience. 

Dubai Frame 

The Dubai Frame is the most oversized Frame in the world, which looks like a magnificent piece of work. Moreover, it has a golden shimmering color that looks rich and exquisite and looks like a photo frame. Besides, it is the perfect reflection of the diversion between new and old Dubai and shows the rare beauty spots of Dubai, like Burj khalifa. 

Furthermore, this Frame is inspired by the world expo 2020, situated in Zabeel park. It looks impeccable, especially in the evening, when the lights look blissful. Besides, it is near the water fountain and Karama shopping complex, so you can buy clothes and souvenirs. 

Dubai’s Frame is 150 meters long, has blissful side elevators that give a huge feel from the top floor, and has the best interior ambiance, showing every tourist about Dubai. Moreover, it reflects multi colors, which makes it a gem of Dubai. You find a side fast food corner to have delicious food while visiting this place. 

Hence, these are a few glorious places in Dubai to visit. People from around the globe come to Dubai to experience the best time of their lives. Besides, include these three significant places in your list. 

Wrapping Up 

Additionally, go through this complete overview of Dubai to have a comprehensive experience of this place. Jot down all these points to have a great understanding of these places. If you plan a trip, do it between November and March to get the best Dubai tour cost from India. It covers numerous experiences and provides a worthy trip.