Things to avoid when remodeling your bathroom

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

Nowadays, our bathrooms are no longer just a place to get clean. Bathrooms are a place that needs a great look as well as the right functionalities. It is a place where you can relax and refresh yourself after a long way. Hence, the bathroom is a very important place within your house. Thus, when you plan about bathroom remodel in Las Vegas, you should remember to avoid some mistakes that can reduce the beauty and functionality of your bathroom.

So, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while remodeling your bathroom.

Things to avoid when remodelling your bathroom

  1. Choosing costly options when simple ones are much better

Sometimes you may think that the costly options regarding home remodeling in Las Vegas can give your bathroom the best look and functionality. Hence, the contractors may suggest you purchase expensive products. However, sometimes the simple options may work much better rather than the expensive ones.

For instance, a shower glass that is frameless can be really attractive and solid. It can easily look great within your bathroom. However, the glass showers that are frameless are much more costly than those framed ones or other traditional options. So, if a framed shower can meet all you expectations, then you need to think about why you will spend extra money for a frameless shower. So, it is always better to spend wisely and think about the usefulness of the products before purchasing them.

  1. Going for bathroom remodel without any plan

Starting the process of bathroom remodel without planning beforehand is a sure way to waste a good amount of money than necessary. Though your bathroom is not a very big place, still their complicated structure needs a proper plan before going for a remodeling.

For instance, if you install the toilet and then think about changing its place, it may be more expensive than if you already installed the toilet after proper planning. Thus, you should avoid this mistake and go for bathroom remodeling only after creating a plan while consulting with your contractor.

  1. Neglecting the storage area

Sometimes we only think about the aesthetics and do not give any attention to the storage space of our bathrooms. Moreover, in some cases, we only think about having cabinets and vanity drawers within our bathrooms. However, these often result in giving a feeling that the space has become really cramped and we cannot move freely, which can make us really frustrated.

To avoid this mistake, you can choose a mirror cabinet that can be attached to the wall of your bathroom, where you can easily store your essential items without wasting the space of your bathroom.

  1. Not choosing a cohesive look

Opting for a cohesive design for your bathroom area can offer your bathroom a really attractive look and give you a special feeling of relaxation. This means the textures, colors, lighting, fittings, and other specifications can easily complement each other while giving your bathroom a unique look. However, in some cases, the inexperienced renovators fail to plan the proper color, texture, pattern, and shape that can give a special visual within your bathroom. Moreover, if your bathroom is not very spacious, then you need to think about some ways that can maximize the area of the bathroom as much as possible.

So, to avoid those issues, you should plan about creating a cohesive look for your bathroom. You should not only think about its patterns, colors, and textures, but also choose the design choices that can increase the functionality of your bathroom.

  1. Ignoring the ventilation of your bathroom

Sometimes, we do not give any attention to the ventilation system of our bathrooms. However, poor ventilation of a bathroom has a domino effect. The air within the bathroom usually contains a great amount of moisture. Hence, it can cause mildew or pervasive mold that can ruin any part of your bathroom.

So, while remodeling your bathroom, you need to choose bathroom ventilation fans that are really powerful and effective. You can also have heat lamps if you wish to reduce the amount of moisture within your bathroom.


So, after going through the tips mentioned earlier, you can opt for a bathroom remodel in Las Vegas with confidence and increase both the beauty and functionality of your bathroom.