mosque carpet

A mosque carpet is a type of floor covering that must be installed in a mosque. It comes in a variety of hues. The carpeting may be chosen to match the color of the walls and other ornamental elements in the space, with color options such as red, burgundy, light blue, grey, brick, and so on.


Mosque carpeting is comprised of long-lasting wool piles interwoven with cotton and silk blends that last for years. These carpets are of excellent quality and are available in a variety of hues and tones. You can select one that matches the mosque’s décor and furnishings. In this post, you will learn what to consider when buying mosque carpet.

Things To Be Considered For Mosque Carpet

If someone is going to buy carpets for the mosque, one must keep the following things in mind when choosing the item:

  • Comfortability 
  • Softness
  • Designs and colors 
  • Health-friendly 
  • Inflammable
  • Soundproof
  • Insulation  


Worship is an act that demands a completely comfortable atmosphere. Prayer means connecting your soul to the Creator to purify your heart and mind. This holy act is performed in a good manner if there is a comfortable environment in the mosque. Carpets are essential elements that add comfort to worship spaces.

Therefore, when you go to buy a carpet for a mosque, always choose the product that feels comfortable to the people.


It is the most essential consideration that a mosque carpet must be soft. Many times, aged people come to the mosque for prayers. If the carpet is not soft, they will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, since worshipers have to sit on the carpets for a long time, if the carpet is hard, they may suffer pain. Therefore, a carpet for worship places must be soft and comfortable for all people.

Designs And Colors 

Carpets are used in mosques not only for softness but also for aesthetics and attraction. Their suitable color and unique design can offer a fresh feel to the people coming for prayers. However, these designs and colors should not be so complex that they confuse worshipers’ minds.

Complicated designs may distract them from their devotion to prayer. Their minds may wonder about the design and color of the carpet, which is entirely unwanted. Hence, the design and color of the mosque carpet in Dubai should be simple enough to synchronize with the other interior look.


Sometimes, carpets are manufactured with materials that can be injurious to health. There are some carpets that can trap dust and other allergens, which can cause health problems for Muslims visiting mosques. These kinds of carpets can be a problem for aged people and asthma patients.

Therefore, safety is the top priority for visitors. Always choose health-friendly carpets for mosques, so that people can cure their souls in mosques rather than being treated in hospitals


The danger of fire is always present because of short circuits in all places where electricity is being used. There may be some other reasons that make the fire break out. However, in every place, including mosques, there must be arrangements to prevent and stop the fire.

Therefore, always choose the mosque carpets that are inflammable, even if they catch fire for any reason. The inflammability of these carpets can save many lives and property.


Making a lot of noise for no reason could be considered a sin. Worshipers are not allowed to have random chats there. Because the random talks are against the honor of mosques and can disturb other people. Any kind of unnecessary voice is prohibited and discouraged in holy places like mosques.

Therefore, always choose a carpet that is able to absorb all the minor sounds in the mosque. The soundproofing ability of the mosque carpet will produce a noiseless and peaceful environment in the worship place.


Temperature variation also affects the inner atmosphere of the mosque. Muslims have to make ablution at least five times a day for prayers. It may be difficult in the winter because of the cold water and low temperature.

So, the carpets installed inside the mosque must be able to provide insulation to maintain the warmth in the room, especially in winter. Reasonable insulation of carpets can make the mosque more comfortable for people to come and offer prayers.


You have gone through the things that should be kept in mind when buying a mosque carpet. As early mentioned, a carpet should be luxurious, soundproof, and soft to provide a comfortable feeling for the worshipers. The carpet must be health-friendly and inflammable as the safety of people is always the first priority in any aspect.