Software Localization

We are heading towards the end of the year. Let’s say you are busy finishing the 2021 projects, and one of your projects is software localization.

You are given a timeline for the project’s completion. Worry not. You can hire a reliable translation company that can provide you with professional software localization solutions at a fast turnaround and economical rates. Software localization is very important at a time when companies are releasing software every single day.

To compete in this fierce competition, localization will help to access multiple target markets. People will take leverage from the functions of the software only if it is localized while keeping regional and cultural intricacies in view.

It is a process of altering software applications into multiple languages. The important thing to note is that you can’t ignore the technical aspects. Localized software enables people to navigate the software in the language that they understand.

 Moreover, they will have a nice user experience, and they will feel that software is developed for them. The two important aspects which are involved in software localization are the linguistic aspect and technological aspect. If you go for software localization services, then they consider both these aspects, resulting in the final deliverable that can be used by the target audience easily.

Important Things to Know about Software Localization

Do not confuse software localization with software translation because it deals with both language translation and localization of user interface. It is not an easy task. There are certain things that you need to consider in software localization.

Go for Professional Software Localization Solutions

 Professional software localization agencies have extensive experience in software localization. Therefore, they are competent in their task. Their knowledge, skill, and attitude when integrated with technology made them understand different programming languages and platforms in which they can use them.

By becoming proficient in this knowledge, professional software localization teams provide localization services in a wide range of programming languages and how to use them in different operating systems.

Therefore, your software can be used on desktop, web-based, mainframe, and midframe. Additionally, on mobiles. Professional Localization teams know how to use different terminologies of each system. 

Printed support materials and an online help system must have consisted in the localization process so that end-users can use it effectively. After understanding the terminology, which is placed on the user interface, the glossary is developed based on these terminologies. Glossary enables consistency in all aspects of software localization and avoids ambiguities.

Take Care of Context

We all have heard that content is king. No matter how enticing the content is, if you are not able to provide translation according to the context, then you are translating words in an empty place. Without supporting context, the translation might fire back. 

Context issues appear when there is a limited amount of space available on the user interface. It is one of the biggest challenges of software localization. Sometimes words came with their literals like OT. It can be overtime or on time. It all depends upon the context.

 If sufficient context is not available, then of course there is no translation. Software localization teams are aware of these challenges. Therefore, they use their expertise to solve this problem.

Dates, Time, and Currency Must be Hard-coded

Around the world, date, time, and currency vary. For the localization of these elements, you can use Java. To hardcode currencies, dates, and times, the best method is to use a universal format. For example, ISO time, then use format for a specific location by using an open-source library. An excellent alternative to use is Date.js.

Use universal formats as a date-selection tool. For example, the U.A.E starts their week on Saturday whereas the UK considers Monday, the first day of the week. Not to worry much. You can resolve this problem by using a jQuery UI date picker.

Use Stringent Quality Control Measures

Software applications are living entities that are used worldwide. Despite localizing the software by parts, make sure that it resonates with the organization plan. For this, you must go for fast localization services but without compromising on quality.

Software localization services provide both these services. Quality control measures are very important. Each phase of localization services like glossary, translation, editing, and proofreading has in-built quality control measures.

A final test of the localized software gives you an idea on how to fix bugs before releasing the software in a foreign country.You must use QA localized software UI that includes the following things.

  1.   Each system message and literal have been translated consistently and accurately.
  2. They don’t let the space of the content be exceeded.
  3.  Layout, color choices, symbols, graphic images are cultural-specific.

In short, quality assurance makes the software interface like a source application and while using the software, the people will feel native.

Validate Functionality

No doubt, that software validation is an important component in the software localization process. It is more significant if you are dealing with a first-time localization project.

A good software localization service is when the functionality of the software depicts the source application. In the entire localization process, validate functionality is similar to source language functionality.

During software validation, the proficient native translator from the reliable translation industry checks the product functionality with the help of test data and test script. The software developer checks the results and all the bugs are isolated and tested again and again until it is resolved.

One of the best advantages of well-executed validation is that when the bug is detected, they resolve it immediately before the release of the software. It saves the time, money, and reputation of the company.

Wrapping Up

To increase the efficiency of the business operations, you must be spending on multiple resources for developing, marketing, and localization of the software. If you can localize the software properly, then it will help you in increasing market share and revenue. Moreover, you can satisfy the customers in different geographical locations.