Things to Note Before Shooting Iceland in 2022


When it comes to shooting in Iceland, you can prepare yourself to shoot at one of the most challenging and robust climates and terrains. Iceland is a photogenic location that is packed with several mesmerizing sceneries. Despite being a small island country with a population of 300,000 people, it welcomed half a million tourists in 2020. If you are planning to visit Iceland for filming or photoshoot, this article will provide you with 5 tips along with four production activities film production companies use in Iceland.

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Decide on the time of the shoot

  • Time is a crucial factor determining the type and mood of the photographs you take. For example, during summertime, the temperature in Iceland becomes normal; therefore attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. Moreover, in summers, you can visit most of the locations in Iceland, which are usually covered with snow during winters.
  • Summers in Iceland can be long and bright, where daylight can last 24 hours. If you want to experience the midnight sun in a moody atmosphere, summers are the best time for you.
  • Whereas in winters, you can catch beautiful Aurora shows at night. In winters, days are short and nights are very long, sometimes lasting only 4 to 5 hours. However, you can capture great moody shots in the glaciated lands and lagoons in winters. 

Carry all types of photographic gears

  • If you are carrying your own gear and not hiring any film production company in Iceland, do not forget to carry all of your photography gear. In a beautiful location, the last thing you would want is to forget or be restricted by your technical gears. 
  • If you have lenses of varying focal points, carry them with you and keep swapping between them while shooting. You can get a great shot with any of it. So better take a chance than regret it later.

Prepare for weather

  • Iceland is a country in the northern part of the earth that experiences quick weather shifts. Moreover, even if there is a clear sky, a cold breeze can still chill you to the bone. Therefore, if you are leaving for a photoshoot in highlands that involves hikes in between, carry weatherproof jackets or rain covers. 
  • The weather in Iceland always stays unpredictable. You can also carry camera covers to protect your gears from breaking down. 

Be creative

  • If you shoot in popular places where people have already shot, your story may not be unique. Many film production companies say, ‘you can find your next best location after every 15 minutes.’ If you are looking to shoot a great film or photograph in Iceland, try looking at places through your own camera lens.

Keep your story in mind

  • Often when people see mesmerizing photos, they get too engaged in the scene that they forget what they were there for! So during the whole shoot, ensure you keep your goal in mind.

Production Activities of a Film Production Company

Content development

 If you have a content idea in your mind but face difficulty putting it together, you can take help from a film production company. They have experienced and creative professionals who can create videos using your ideas as the foundation.


Once the idea has been finalized, the film producing company creates a script that gives direction to the shoot, sets the story, helps decide a location and hiring or crew members and cast.


Film production agencies have tie-ups with several talent marketing agencies from where you can hire the required cast for the shoot.

Planning and Logistics

Once everything has been finalized, the film production company takes care of the crucial logistics where they have to arrange schedules with crews and companies and, if required, with legal authorities as well.


These are the few important tips that top film production company use to shoot amazing films and photos for their clients.