Things You Must Know About XRP Before Investing In It.


The world of crypto is flooded with various investment opportunities. However, there are only a few cryptocurrencies that can bag exponential returns.

Ripple (XRP) is one of the many cryptocurrencies that grew at an exponential rate of 56000% in a single year.

It is an innovative cryptocurrency, and it is also one of the most valued startups globally as it is a leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses. This asset was designed for crypto institutions rather than private users.

This digital asset has many use-cases, making it an attractive investment and trading choice amongst crypto enthusiasts.

So, if you are looking to buy XRP, you must choose a reputable exchange platform to trade XRP. Choosing the right crypto exchange platform enables you to safely execute trade orders and provides a safe wallet to store your digital assets.

However, before buying XRP, here are a few things that you must know about it.

  • It is highly scalable.

It is the most scalable digital asset ever built if you look at its previous performance. In the past years, there has not been a single issue in payments as all ledgers have closed perfectly.

It makes Ripple a reliable technology for enterprises and increases its value in the market.

The XRP ledger can handle about fifteen hundred transactions per second. However, since it is quite scalable, developers can increase its TPS output to match the TPS of Visa.

It makes XRP one of the most usable digital assets globally as there is a clear goal.

  • A bridge between fiat currencies

The world is now a one big business platform where the geographical boundaries are no longer a hindrance to doing business.

So, XRP facilitates digital exchanges of fiat currencies across borders much more efficiently than traditional methods.

For instance, if you want to make a payment from Australia to Korea, you would either have to set up a fund at a bank in Korea or pay them through a foreign exchange bank.

While these methods are effective, there are many fees to pay to make these methods quite expensive.

If you use XRP, you do not require to set up a fund with the bank in another country or pay heft fees in the exchange process. It makes XRP a cheaper alternative and an excellent bridge between fiat currencies.

  • Faster than Bitcoin.

XRP is faster than bitcoin as it can support more transactions per second. The average TPS of bitcoin is five, but the number often fluctuates if a large chunk of its individual networks is not working. For instance, if a bitcoin mine is down due to a power shortage or other issues, it could take longer to confirm a transaction.

Whereas XRP’s average TPS is about 1500, which is

  • A greener alternative

A server company is known as TRG datacentres surveyed to find the world’s most energy-consuming cryptocurrencies. As per their finding, XRP is the greenest cryptocurrency globally, and it consumes the least amount of energy to facilitate transactions.

To put things in perspective, XRP only consumes about 0.0079 kWh of electricity for a single transaction; on the other hand, BTC can consume about 707 kWh for a single transaction.

  • It is easy to buy

If you want to buy XRP, you do not have to jump through various hoops. No matter where you are, you can hop on to the best crypto exchange platform to buy or sell XRP.

XRP is considered the only cryptocurrency globally that has a clear use case and is helping financial institutions conduct cross border transactions safely. Moreover, XRP consumes the least power, making the currency a more attractive investment option.