Things You Should Know About Hybrid Eyelash Extensions In Hong Kong


In recent years, the popularity of lash extensions in Hong Kong and other parts of the globe has expanded to an optimum extent. Thanks to the movies celebrities and models who walk down the red carpet and ramp while showcasing their voluminous and flattering eyelashes. Lash extensions will provide you boosted outlook by adding the required voluminous lashes to catch the attention of onlookers around.

Hybrid lash extensions are equally trending these days. It is a combination of classic eyelash extensions and dense extensions. With the help of a professional in eyelash extension and lash lift in Hong Kong, you can add hybrid lashes in minimalistic numbers to your natural lashes. Thus, achieving a dense yet beautiful outlook.

Know more about hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid lash extensions are suitable for you if you want less tailored lashes for your eyes. It helps create a minimalistic effect of lash extensions by merging with your natural lashes. Those who want to achieve a more adaptable, subtle, simple, yet attractive-looking outlook can add hybrid lash extensions.

To be precise, lash experts fix two to eight glued eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. Thus, adding 70% more volume along with maintaining a 30% lash extensions outlook. It’s a middle solution for you to experience a customized lash extension outlook and capture the attention of people around you.

How hybrid lashes are added to your natural lashes?

If you are interested in adding hybrid eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, then it is essential to devote at least 2-3 hours of your precious time. Adding hybrid lash extensions is based on the following few steps.

  • At first, natural lashes are isolated first before adding hybrid ones.
  • Two handmade fans are placed between the two natural lashes and separate the same after one hybrid lash extension is added in the gap. This method of repeated several times to ensure the combination of natural and hybrid lashes.
  • The lash expert makes sure to add high-quality glue on the hybrid lash extension and requests you do not move during the process. Otherwise, the glue might lose its effect, and hybrid lashes tend to fall quickly.
  • Another technique of adding hybrid lash extensions is isolating one natural lash and adding the hybrid one, followed by the same steps ahead.


Eyelash extensions are cost-effective to elevate your facial and overall physical appearance to an optimum extent. You can look sharp, confident, beautiful, and inspired after wearing the hybrid or even the classic lash extensions. Get in touch with a professional lash extension expert to know which treatment suits you the best and avail of the same.