Tashreef fell ill due to various reasons including non-stop busyness in relief work and talking
Tashreef fell ill due to various reasons including non-stop busyness in relief work and talking

Young singer Tashrif Khan went live on Facebook asking for financial help for the flood-affected people. That live moment goes viral. The people of the country get a grant of 16 lakh rupees. Then the limit of their transaction ends. Tashrif’s party was not getting any kulkinara. Later yesterday, he went live on Facebook again asking for help from the people and gave the number of the financial transaction on his mobile phone. More than one crore rupees has been deposited in those numbers in the last 24 hours.

Tashreef fell ill due to various reasons including non-stop busyness in relief work and talking. The young singer said in the first light, ‘Brother, I can’t speak. I have a sore throat. ‘ The body has not been properly cared for since the onset of the catastrophic floods. There was a situation where when the grant was over, the night was over. After sleeping for two or three hours, the flood victims would start running again. He said, ‘We were not getting any kulkinara. At first we got a grant of one lakh two lakh and 16 lakh rupees. With this money I have stood by the side of about three thousand families. But we fell into a deep sea. What can be done in this danger. We need more money. Later I live again than the grant. The people of the country responded to us. This time in 24 hours we have received an unimaginable grant of more than one crore rupees.

This time in 24 hours the collection is more than one crore rupees, that Tashrif next to the flood victims

This is not the first time Tashreef has stood by the people. He has stood by people since adolescence. He also came forward to fulfill the desires of the people. He used to run around the helpless people in danger. He used to go ahead with various activities like medicine and education. Tashrif said, ‘This time we will stand by the side of more than 10 thousand families with the money of 1 crore 10 lakhs. Earlier we gave dry food. This time I will give all kinds of food including rice and pulses. This assistance will continue for the next four days. I will be by the side of two and a half thousand families every day. And we will stand by the people of remote areas from Sylhet. Where relief has not yet arrived. Our team has more than two hundred members. Everyone is working day and night. ‘

“We are grateful to all the people of the country,” he said. Those who have put their trust in us. If they were not there, they might have had to return from Sylhet with a hard time. I am happy that thousands of people have come forward to help us and want to work in a team. In addition, we are grateful to the government, the army and everyone. Activities to stand by the people will continue. This young singer has been doing basic songs regularly since 2016. He has published about 90 songs. The name of his band is ‘Kundeghar’. Several songs of this singer including ‘Ami Mane Tumi’, Bachelor ‘,’ Taito Ailam Sagare ‘,’ Mainare ‘have gained popularity.

The floods have not started in Sylhet yet. Even then, floods occurred in some areas. Seeing that situation, at the beginning of the month, he had promised the fans of Sylhet that he would stand by the victims of Sylhet. Young musician Tashrif Khan went to Sylhet with his team on June 14 after the show in Singapore. Since then, people have been devastated by the sudden and severe floods. Since then, he has been by the side of thousands of people in safe shelters whose homes have been submerged.