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Tiles are one of the best ways to adorn your kitchen and bathroom walls, counters, and floors as they look beautiful and are easy to clean. But the grout lines may be a pain in the neck, especially when the dirt, grime, and spills have taken deep roots, spoiling the beauty and freshness of the place.

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A regular clean-up is the only solution to stain-free grout, but if your bathroom and kitchen grout are already in need of a deep clean-up, do not bother. We bring you a few ways you can restore your grout to its cleanest best in no time. Of course, you need to invest in some common cleaning supplies and a little bit of effort too. If you prefer to get it professionally done, you can hire a Tile And Grout Cleaning Services Adelaide and get the best results delivered in no time.

Tile grout is of different types, the most common ones being the traditional cement grout and the newer one being the epoxy grout. Both have different textures and colors, but cleaning them may demand some variation in their supplies. However, it is best not to use harsh chemical-based solutions for cleaning as they may harm the grout material.

7 best ways to clean the grout by yourself:

  1. Use a semi-hard brush and warm water to clean the grout: The brush being used for cleaning the grout has to be selected with care. A steel brush may be harsh on the grout and damage it when used longer. Always select a medium-hard nylon bristle brush that is gentle yet effective on the grime and dirt. A spray of warm water and scrubbing in a circular motion is sufficient to let the grout clean. As the cement grout is porous, always wipe it dry after cleaning else it might develop mildew.

2. Use vinegar and warm water for a more effective cleaning: Vinegar is the solution for the dirtier and more stained grout. Get yourself a spray bottle half filled with vinegar and half with warm water. Spray the solution on the grout (don’t use this over a broken grout) and let it work on it for 5 mins. Give a little scrub with the stiff brush and your stained grout will soon be sparkling clean.

3. Use oxygen bleach for tougher stains: If your grout has deep settled grime and stains, oxygen bleach may be of help. Oxygen bleach is sold in powdered form and you need to strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions while using it. Keep the room well ventilated before the application as it may give off fumes that are harmful to inhale. Let the bleach stand for 10- 15 mins before washing it off for deriving the best results. Further, wipe dry for a cleaner and drier feel.

4. Use baking soda paste and vinegar: Baking soda and vinegar paste make for an effective cleaner for grout. Make a paste using baking soda and water and apply it over the grout lines. Now, spray the vinegar-water solution (half water, half vinegar) over the baking soda. Let the form settle, following which scrub with the brush to clean away the dirt. Rinse with water and wipe it dry to the sparkling bright grout lines.

5. Use the commercial grout cleaners: The market hosts a variety of grout cleaners that can be either sprayed and wiped or scoured and cleaned with a brush. But the downside of using these cleaners is that they contain harsh acids and chemicals that may harm your tiles and grout instead of just cleaning them. However, using a commercial grout cleaner could be easier and quicker than most other methods. Take care to read the instructions given by the manufacturer and abide by them religiously.

6. Use hydrogen peroxide: Mostly available over the drug stores counter, hydrogen peroxide makes one of the best ways to get rid of the moderate stains. You may prepare a paste of the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the grouts to get them clean and white as new grouts. The convenience of using hydrogen peroxide is that, unlike other methods, it can be used for both sealed and unsealed grout.

7. Use chlorine bleach: Chlorine bleach could be very harsh on the grout as it erodes the surface if used for a prolonged duration. However, if the stains are tough to remove and every other method that has been employed seems to fail, then you may resort to chlorine bleach. It cleans away the tough stains within minutes, restoring the grout lines to their cleanest.

Wapping up:

Maintaining the tile and grout is a regular errand, which includes resealing the grouts when they need it and cleaning the dirt, grime, and spills whenever they occur. But when you feel your grouts have started to look unsightly, resort to the above methods to restore them to their best.

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