Tips for a Less Stressful Wedding – Wedding Limousine Tips


Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Each detail must be thought of perfectly, including the choice of the ceremony chauffeur service. The most common services you’ll be looking at include transportation for the wedding reception and a getaway car for the groom and bride, and the possibility of honeymoon transportation. When you are researching the wedding transportation options there are a few frequently asked questions that pop up.

Find an event planner.

Wedding planners are the ones who will be there when you realize that your tablecloths don’t match with your napkins and will be on hand to rectify the situation before you end your sigh. When something goes wrong on your wedding day and you are certain that there will be a problem the wedding planner will be in charge to help you get your day back on track. Pick a wedding planner who is a good fit for you, understands your style, and decides what you’d like without having to explain it to her (unlike your future husband) and you’ll have a better feeling about your wedding day.

How long in advance do I need to look into reserving the wedding limousine?

It is generally recommend to reserve your wedding limousine Service Miami six to nine months before the wedding date. This allows you to plan your event in a coordinated manner and guarantee your limousine package is available. It’s not a good idea to limit the options for limousines for your wedding, so it’s recommend that you start your search early.

How much should I be expecting to pay for my rental?

Limousines for weddings usually cost between $200-$400 and generally need a minimum rental period of three hours. Prices vary based on your location and choosing extravagant limousines like Hummer limousines or SUV limousines will cost you more. Another factor that affects the cost of transportation for weddings is the season in which the wedding will be held. There is usually a higher demand for limousines during the spring, due to it being a busy season for prom and wedding rental. This leads to the cost of reservations increasing as spring draws near.

How long should I hire the limousine?

As previously mentioned, the majority of limo firms insist that the rental of a limousine lasts for at least three hours. One reason is the fact that the rental is require to cover the cost of pick-up and drop-off as well as the time that is between the reception and ceremony. Since weddings often take longer than you expect It is generally recommend to add an hour to the time that you anticipate the wedding limousine service to take care of. This will guarantee that you will have the limo service you require for guests and yourself following the ceremony without having to shell out costly overtime fees.

Does it need to sign a contract?

Although we try to work with only the most reliable limo firms on However, it’s an excellent idea to ask for an official contract from the limo service you choose. This safeguards from any eventuality the service you receive is not up to your expectations. Essential elements to include in your agreement are the kinds of limousines and packages you choose and the duration of the limousine rentals will last, and what the rates for overtime are for each car.

What kind of wedding limousines are on the market?

There there are several options to pick from on and your choice is contingent on your individual preferences and the dimensions of your wedding. The majority of stretch limousines can hold up to 10 guests, however, should you be hosting a party that is larger than this, you could consider an even larger vehicle like an SUV limousine or limousine bus. Whatever you decide to choose is, you must consider your style as well as the amenities for your wedding guests when looking for alternatives.

Learn to Delegate.

The wedding party will be there to help you celebrate the day of your life. The main reason they chose to wear a not-so-flattering gown or hire a tuxedo is that they are devote to you and would like to help on the day in any way they can. They are expecting to take the last-minute details in mind so provide them with an agenda of tasks and let them work on the task. The more you delegate the less stressed and stressed you’ll feel.

Make plans and be organize.

Create a plan and an agenda for the day. If you can see immediately where you’re suppose to be and what needs to be accomplish and you’ll be calmer and everything will run more smoothly. It isn’t a good idea to worry about your seating cards while you’ve even completed your make-up, and your checklist will help keep you focused and on track. Additionally, the more things you’ve sorted out beforehand, the less of a last-minute decision you’ll have to make, making the day of everyone a bit easier.

Take advantage of your time but don’t get catch up in the day too seriously.

Yes, lots of energy, time, and money have gone into this celebration. But in the end, it’s all about joy, love family, friends, and love. Do not get focus on the details that it is difficult to take time to enjoy the day of your wedding. Like I said it is inevitable that something will be a mess, but when you can laugh about it, you’ll enjoy your day more and have many great stories to share in the future.

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Where can I go next?

By making plans ahead, you will be able to select the ceremony chauffeur service that enhances the happiness of your special day. On we’ve made looking for and booking wedding limousines simple. After filling out the form on our search page, you can get free limousine estimates to begin your search process now. It is easy to evaluate limo service alternatives and get an early start on your plans so choosing a limo service will be one of the most important things to consider when the day of your wedding is nearing.