Cleaning the upholstery of your sofa is necessary to keep it in perfect condition. Regularly cleaning your sofa also increases its life. Indeed, professional upholstery cleaning services frequently recommend that this be done from time to time to prevent stains from making room and to make the cleaning process simpler. As a result, you will be able to successfully prevent the upholstery from deteriorating.

Cleaning a leather sofa, irrespective of its colour, is typically a very simple process, depending on the sofa type. However, if your sofa has textures and patterns that are unusual and typical, you might need to follow a few different tips. 

So, it would be good if you follow a few steps so that the upholstery is in perfect condition. However, if you’re short on time and you find the work difficult, you must get in touch with an expert upholstery cleaning service. Lounge Master is one of the most renowned in your area. Get in touch to see your expectations met!

Look at how you can clean a sofa with leather material and what products you should use:

Avoid some products when cleaning a leather sofa

One of the most resistant materials in the sofa upholstery world is leather. However, the same does not happen with sofas made from faux leather. It means more care is required to clean a leather sofa. 

Whenever you go to clean the leather sofa, you should avoid scouring pads, hard sponges, and corrosive liquids, such as ammonia or alcohol. These cleaning products will spoil your leather sofas. Besides, you also need to avoid hard bristle brushes, as they will mess up its appearance.

Another thing that you must always remember, irrespective of the cleaning method, is that you need to prevent your sofa from direct radiation from the sun. The colour will fade, in that case, it will be impossible to recover its colour.

Cleaning tips for a leather sofa 

Whichever design of leather sofa you have, the following tips will help you get the best results. Make sure to follow them in order to keep your valuable living room furniture in its best shape. 

Clean the dust

Cleaning the dust off the sofa is the first thing you should do in any case. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner for dust. You can use a hand vacuum to make it easier. Also, dry cloth is also useful for cleaning. You must make sure that the dust is completely removed.

Pass a damp cloth over the upholstery

Passing a damp cloth over the upholstery of the sofa is the next thing to do. To do this, you need to use the mix distilled water with neutral soap. Remember that making circular movements on your sofa surface is a good way to proceed with cleaning. This approach will help you deep clean the sofa.

Dry It Thoroughly

Once you’ve wiped all the surfaces properly, start drying the couch using a new and clean washcloth towel. This will help ensure no excess moisture is left before you move on to the conditioning step. 

Conditioning The Leather

Ideally, you should go through the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific sofa so that you know which conditioner is best suited for your furniture piece. Make sure you only get that conditioner and once you do, apply it to the leather on all surfaces. 

For you to know, conditioning the leather prolongs its lifespan and makes it better. Genuine leather is made from skin of different animals, and just like our skin gets properly moisturised and smooth after applying lotion on it, you can say the same for your leather-covered sofas!

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