Tips for International Students to Make Social Circles in Coventry

Student Accommodation Coventry

Coventry is a wonderful city in the West Midlands of England. Like many other cities in England, it has also gained huge popularity among international students. A large number of international students from throughout the world visit Coventry to get higher education with the best student accommodation Coventry.

There is no doubt that getting a higher education is the most prominent reason for students to come to Coventry. But, there are some other reasons also. Students also like to enjoy glimpses of this city. Moreover, they also like to make friends from other countries.

Making international friends is undoubtedly one of the major dreams of a large number of students. It is not difficult to do this in Coventry. Students from different countries come to study in Coventry whom you can befriend. Besides, you can also become friends with the native students of Coventry and other cities in England.

Below, you will read some tips to make social circles in Coventry. The methods are simple but you need to be conscious about them to use them. So, here, you will read about them.

Spend Some Time Roaming Outside of Your Room or Flat

Student rooms

After your reach your student accommodation Coventry, the individuals whom you meet first are the other students living in your accommodation complex. If you have chosen a shared room then you can meet one or more residents in your room itself, first of all. In that case, you can start making your social circle from there.

Besides, you should come out of your room to make more friends or to start making new friends if you have chosen a single-occupancy room. You can meet new students in the living rooms and kitchens of the flats where your rooms are located. It is because living rooms and kitchens are usually shared by all the residents of a flat where the rooms of students are located.

Besides, you should also come out of your flats also and roam in the complex. You will meet a number of students in the complex where your flat is located. Student accommodation complexes keep campus-like environments where you can find many other students.

If you are living in the university halls, then you can meet the other students of your university in the complex. Besides, if you are living in a purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) complex, the private alternative to university halls, you can meet other students of your university as well as other universities and colleges. Since these complexes are specially meant for international students, you will find many other students like you who have come to Coventry from other countries. Some of them may be from your home country and some may be from other nations.

In many complexes, you find common areas, which are the perfect places to meet other residents.

Don’t Forget Befriending Your Classmates

In the next step, you will start attending your lectures in your colleges or universities. So, the next people you will meet are your classmates. So, you should not forget to befriend them. In your class, you will meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Many of your classmates will be from Coventry and other cities in England. Besides, some others will be from different countries.

Join Community Clubs

You can find community clubs based on different ethnicities and interests in Coventry. Some of the clubs may be related to different countries. You can join a club related to your country. Besides, clubs based on interests such as sports and recreational activities can also be joined, in which you will get opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds but with the same interests as yours.

Attend Social and Communal Events in Your University, College, and Accommodation Complex

Social and communal events are organized in universities, colleges, and accommodation complexes from time to time. These events are good sources of entertainment as well as socialization. You should attend these events also and you will meet more new people.

Social Media Clubs

Join Social Media Groups of Coventry’s Students

Online method is also a perfect way of being acquainted with others. You should join the social media groups of Coventry’s students. By doing this, you can be acquainted with many students in Coventry. Once you start knowing them, you can make the programs to meet them personally. Some of them may be from your college, university, or accommodation complex where you can meet easily.


Making friends in an overseas city proves to be beneficial for you in several ways. First, you can have loads of fun there by arranging parties, visiting important landmarks & fun places, and doing a lot more. Besides, you and your friends in the same course can help each other. Moreover, you can make some international friends for your lifetime.