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The task of managing social media platforms is one of the main tasks that cannot be neglected with in any business, whatever its size.

Today, there are about 3.78 billion social media users around the world and this number is rising annually. Therefore, it is imperative to make someone handle your social media accounts in an effective way to reach the largest number of potential customers.

We had a very big problem in our business, which was the brand awareness, that’s when we contacted Code Guru to help us manage our social media accounts in a way to boost and improve our brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Indicator refers to an increase in the number of audience and potential customers that learn about your brand just by hearing its name. Like McDonald’s, as soon as you see the letter M in yellow, you automatically recognize it due to a previous awareness of the McDonald’s brand.

When Code Guru started managing our social media accounts they helped us connect with our potential customers and audience every time they access their accounts, and this makes them happy to see new useful and informative content.

Some people on social media have negative thoughts about companies, as some of them think that these companies are just using them to raise money. But Code Guru helped us overcome every negative feedback by creating a kind of human connection between our brand and the audience which helped us improve the relationship between our potential customers and the brand and also increased mutual trust, which resulted in an increase in the percentage of sales and conversion rates for customers.

Don’t do your social media by yourself and get help from professionals! Our social media presence have skyrocket as a result of using Code Guru for creating, publishing and analyzing our social media accounts. I highly recommend using this cutting edge, affordable company!

Code Guru have become an expert in social media marketing. And we assure you that all the needs of your new project from planning to management to development will be provided by their experts with a high level of professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. 


It has been a pleasure to work with Code Guru. Their professionalism and precision in social media management have left us very proud of the final outcome. We highly recommend them and would us their services again without hesitation or even wasting the time to look for other digital company.