Tips to Be Consistent in 2023, It’s Not Difficult!


At the beginning of each year, we often make resolutions that contain several goals or achievements that we want to achieve in the next year. Although in practice, all written resolutions cannot be achieved immediately. At least there are some goals that we can achieve during 2023.

One of the keys to realizing all these resolutions is to be consistent. If you continue to be consistent, goals no matter how difficult you will definitely be able to make them come true.

So that your 2023 resolution does n’t end in vain, you must apply the following tips to become a consistent person. Like what, huh?

1. Do it every day
Whatever you want to achieve this year, try to do it every day. It doesn’t have to end or happen right away. Try to do a little every day.

By routinely doing it step by step, you will get used to it, so being a consistent person is not that difficult to do. Because, by being consistent, there will be many opportunities for you to realize the resolutions that you made before.

2. Start from simple things
If the resolution you make feels really big and difficult to materialize in a short time, it’s a good idea to start with simple things. Don’t expect that it will just happen right away.

Especially if you’re trying to be consistent, doing big things at once is clearly difficult to do. In fact, such activities will only last a few days. You will feel lazy because you are tired of doing big things too often.

3. Evaluate every mistake you make
Every day there will definitely be progress that we make in order to make ourselves consistent people. However, on his journey certainly will not escape mistakes. Making mistakes is a natural thing, really.

You don’t need to feel inferior or guilty just because you made a mistake. If you want to continue to be a consistent person, you must evaluate every mistake you make.

4. Keep updating your motivation
As someone who wants to learn consistently, doing something continuously is clearly boring. Therefore, you need motivation. If you can continue to update your motivation when you start having trouble being consistent.

Without motivation, you will definitely return to your old habits. Think about it again, what resolutions do you want to achieve in 2023. Find again the motivation to return to being a consistent person so that your resolutions come true.

5. Don’t just focus on results
Many people fail to be consistent just because they are always fixated on results. In fact, you should not ignore the process that is being undertaken. Because, when you only focus on results, you will try to make it happen as fast as you can. The results are clearly not optimal.

Not only that, there will be more disappointments that you will encounter if you only focus on results. You have to believe that if you are consistent with a good process then the results will be good too.

It’s that easy to be consistent. As long as you believe and believe and want to be patient, being consistent, let alone making resolutions, is not something that only exists in wishful thinking.

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