Tips to coordinate jewellery with your outfit


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Jewellery complements outfit. In order to complete a perfect ensemble wearing jewellery that matches your outfit and the occasion is significant. Decking up in jewellery randomly ruins your complete look. Jewellery has to be carefully chosen. Dzooq, the best fashion jewellery online Qatar have an extensive collection of fashion jewellery for women which will complement varied types of outfit.

Below are a few tips which will help you in coordinating your jewellery with your outfit.

Events and occasions

The outfit which you wear for a business meeting event will not be worn for a party same goes for jewellery. For a business meeting you wear formal dress therefore simple and elegant jewellery is suitable. Dressing style changes with each event and occasion and jewellery also has to change with the attire.

Some suggestions of fashion jewellery for women from Dzooq, the leading fashion jewellery online Qatar.

For official and formal meeting

For a party you can wear

For wedding

Jewellery and skin tone

Just like how you match your outfit with your skin tone you have to match your jewellery with your skin tone. No one wants their beautiful piece of necklace or earring to go unnoticed. In order to make your jewellery stand out it is important to purchase jewellery that is perfect for skin tone. While jewellery with black stones may be easily highlighted for the cooler skin tones it may not be so for warm skinned beauties.  On the other hand pendants and earrings like pearl, sapphire, emerald etc are usually suitable for all kinds of skin tones.

Jewellery and fabric colour

According to the colour of your cloth jewellery can be selected.  Pearls complement well with shades of blue and green.  All kinds of colour accessories complement black dress.  Emerald jewellery stands out in a red coloured dress.  While selecting jewellery look at the colour of your whole outfit and choose accordingly. Primary colours red, blue and yellow should be combined with secondary colour green, orange, and purple to get a perfect look.

Jewellery and season

Comfortable jewellery should be worn as per the season. In summer you often prefer to wear dress which is loose-fitting, lightweight, mild coloured, wide neck and so on. In winter, clothes which are tight, dark and heavy are worn. Things like jackets, coats, turtle neck etc are mostly worn during winter. Jewellery which is appropriate for different seasonal clothing should be worn. As the seasons and attire change you can wear different jewellery for a perfect look.

Suggestions of fashion jewellery for women from Dzooq

For summer season

For winter season

Jewellery and types of attire

Dresses are of many types there are gowns, sarees, short tops and so on.  Heavy jewellery complement well with sarees whereas with gowns both light and heavy jewellery can be worn. With each type of attire different jewellery can chosen.

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