your vape device
your vape device

With the slowdown of the virus, people have started stepping out of their homes. After the easing of the lockdown people have been seen travelling a lot because after staying indoors for almost  2 years, we definitely deserve a break. Regular vapers are always worried and have a lot of questions in their minds about travelling with their vape pods. So, if you are a regular vaper who is traveling along with your vape pod, this guide will be telling you all that you must know before moving out with your vape pod.

Taking e-cigs on a plane:

The rules regarding vaping vary from airport to airport. Some of the common rules regarding carrying vape in airports are –

  1.    Keep your battery charged– you will not be allowed to charge your vape inside your plane so make sure it is pre-filled and charged. Also, you will not be allowed to keep your vape inside your checked luggage, instead keep them in the cabin beside you.
  2.    E – Liquids and refills– you are allowed to carry small e-juices bottles of 10ml in your carry bag. Keep in mind that some areas restrict carrying nicotine e-juices to the airport. If you are traveling outside your country make sure you have enough e-juice to last for the whole trip. Either make sure that you have an e-liquid shop near you.
  3.    Tanks and clearomizers– Separate these components from your battery before going through security. Either empty your tank or declare it along with all your other liquids to avoid delays. On that note, you should empty your tank anyway before boarding because the change in air pressure on the plane can cause leaks.

Can you vape inside a plane?

Do not try to vape inside a plane. There are specific pre informed instructions about the prohibition of vaping inside a plane, so make sure you don’t even try. Even if you try to sneak inside a toilet, remember planes have smoke detectors. Vaping inside an aircraft can also lead to jail and other fines.

Countries where you can’t vape?

Keep in mind that there are some countries in the middle and Southeast Asia where you cannot vape at all. Vaping can lead to severe punishments.

  • Vaping banned with potential jail time: Thailand, India, Philippines, Taiwan
  • Vaping banned (including nicotine-free): Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong
  • Vaping banned (except nicotine free): Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa

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