Easter flower

Easter is around the corner. It is a festival about new hopes and resurgence. People worldwide celebrate this festival with candlelight, treats, loved ones, and flowers. It is known to be one of the most prosperous feasts for Christians across the globe.

Best Flowers for Easter

Flowers play a vital role in the Easter festival. Traditional flowers and Easter go hand in hand. As Easter is approaching, here are the top conventional Easter flowers Dartmouth NS.


Daffodils are the spring favorite for people across the world. Daffodils are a conventional flower, and it ensures the coming of springtime. It symbolizes a new beginning, so what’s a better flower to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection?


Lilies epitomize love and purity, making them one of the best flowers for Easter. The colors vary from ivory white to yellow to purple. It also has different varieties.


Hyacinths have a powerful fragrance, so if you’re one of them who loves a strong smell, hyacinths are the flower for you. It also symbolizes rebirth in Christianity.


Viola appears simple in the eyes but has a very profound, in-depth meaning. It personifies truth, modesty, and fidelity. The blue violas are the most loved among the people, but it has a wide range of colors.


The sheer elegance of a tulip is unmatched. It blooms during the fall of the spring. One can never go wrong with a bunch of tulips. So it is a safe choice for Easter.


Primroses are one of the first flowers you’ll see during the fall of springs when the snow is still around. As it blooms early, the Thank you flower delivery Dartmouth NS might help you get the fresh flowers at your doorstep.

Easter Cactus

As the name already suggests, the easter cactus can be your go-to during Easter. The cactus comes with beautiful flowers to accentuate it even more. These flowers are a florist favorite as they can live up to a decade with very little care.


Orchids are easy to grow. It is Florist Dartmouth NS. It is one of the most popular flowers, making it a top preference for various occasions, including Easter. So, if you want to try your hands-on planting, orchids can be a good choice.

Sweet Alyssum

There is nothing more serene than a bouquet of sweet alyssum. The name means “sweetness of soul.” As delightful as its name, sweet alyssum can be your next favorite Easter flower.


An Easter table decorated with a mesmerizing Carnation vase should be your theme for the next season. And the best part is a carnation bouquet lasts for weeks, making it on the list of the best traditional Easter flowers.


The flower Iris indicates eloquence, hope, trust, and bravery. As it also means resurrection, the iris can be a great flower to celebrate the rebirth of Christ. It blooms during the fall of summertime.


Hydrangeas symbolize beauty, grace, and abundance. Hydrangeas are considered to be auspicious plants. It is one of the most used Easter flowers.